Monday, November 4, 2013

Lee's Parents Visit

Lee's parents visited us a few weeks ago, and we had a great time with them.  Any of you out there who want to come and visit, please do.  It helps us get projects done faster around here!  We ordered blinds for our bay window in our family room.  They arrived the day before Lee's parents arrived.  He installed them that night.  See how the far left widow, and the right window are slanted?  Well the top bracket thing of the blinds is not flush inside the bay window.  On the side the metal is exposed.  I'll post a picture sometime.  Anyway, we need to buy some sort of trim to match and glue it on so the metal is covered up. And how did I get so lucky to marry a handyman?  You're awesome Lee!
Oct 16 2013

The first morning of their visit Mom R snapped a couple of pictures of Lee taking the kids to school.  So cute.  We ride our bikes there fairly often.  And Lee is so great and takes the kids most mornings (and makes sure they're ready and gets them out the door) so I can go running. 
Oct 18 2013 (2)

Here is a peek at our weed-patch-now-paver-paved-bike area.
Oct 18 2013

That morning Elden and I took them to see Lee's new office location.  Last time they were here Lee was in an old building downtown where the other optometry doctor used to practice.  It was fun showing them the new place that Lee rents.  We then headed to the school and were able to see all of the kids during lunch time. No picture of Clark though.
Oct 18 2013 (3)

We walked down and saw Shanna's classroom, then Haley's classroom.
Oct 18 2013 (4)

I can't get over how cute Shanna's pig is.  Of course she drew on eyelashes.  Seriously, I couldn't have drawn a better girly pig face!
Oct 18 2013 (5)

Haley's class had a writing project up, I believe.
Oct 18 2013 (6)

Every year our town holds "Autumn Days".  There are a lot of craft vendors, food stands, etc.  I think it's fun to walk around and look.  I bought a tiny, tiny jug of real maple syrup--no bigger than a tennis ball--and some Avon chapstick at the nearby park.  I got some for $0.75 and some for $0.50.  Chapstick/lip balm has become one of my necessities.  I might have bought something else, but I can't remember.  I didn't have much to spend, so probably not!  We also had lunch there which was really fun--thanks for treating us Mom and Dad!

The kids each had two dollars to spend, one from us, one from the grandparents.  Shanna chose to get her face painted for one of the dollars.
Oct 19 2013 (2)

Oct 19 2013 (3)

Oct 19 2013 (4)

After we were done eating and looking around we drove on up to Shenandoah National Park.  It was a very pretty drive.
Oct 19 2013 (5)

Oct 19 2013 (6)

Oct 19 2013 (7)

Oct 19 2013 (8)

Oct 19 2013 (9)

Oct 19 2013 (10)

LOVE the layers of mountains.
Oct 19 2013 (11)

Oct 19 2013 (12)

Oct 19 2013 (13)

Oct 19 2013 (14)

Oct 19 2013 (15)

Oct 19 2013 (16)

Sunday we went to church, of course.  We hung out that afternoon.  Shanna wanted to show Grandma her costume and Haley and Elden couldn't pass up the chance either.
Oct 20 2013 (2)

Oct 20 2013

Bedtime stories.
Oct 20 2013 (4)

Lee, you look so cozy!
Oct 20 2013 (3)

Monday Lee worked a half day and we pulled the kids out of school early.  We headed over to the New Market area to take a stroll on the Story Book Trail. What a fun, easy trail with a great overlook at the "end"!  I totally missed the turn to go to the trailhead.  I pulled over on the side of the highway to flip around and Lee's Dad pulled in behind me too.  Then a cop pulled in behind them with the car lights on.  I didn't want to stick around to see what was going on, so I left.  Wasn't that nice of me?  Turns out he was just checking to see if they were okay.
Oct 21 2013 (2)

Oct 21 2013 (3)

Another great overlook of the Shenandoah Valley.
Oct 21 2013 (4)

Oct 21 2013 (5)

Oct 21 2013 (6)

Oct 21 2013 (7)

Oct 21 2013 (8)

Oct 21 2013 (9)

Oct 21 2013 (11)

Oct 21 2013 (13)

Oct 21 2013 (14)

Oct 21 2013 (15)

We then stopped at Showalter's Apple Orchard to pick apples and buy some of their yummy apple cider.  For our family home evening treat that night I cut up apples to dip in homemade caramel.  Yum. 
Oct 21 2013 (16)

Lee's parents headed home Tuesday morning.  We enjoyed having them here and were so grateful they came.  We had a great time visiting with them and going on a few outings. The kids were so excited that grandma and grandpa were coming and some of them were counting down the days till their arrival.  Thanks for coming Mom and Dad! We are already excited for the upcoming 2014 family reunion on Lee's side that will be held in the summer. We love it when family comes to visit and when we can visit them.  Come visit us!

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