Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcements, announcements, announcements

Okay, there is only one announcement that I am going to post, but I will be posting something else too.  By the way, I am REALLY sure I remember my mom chanting this little poem/song occasionally while growing up.  Is my memory wrong Mom?

Announcements, announcements, announcements.

A horrible way to die, a horrible way to die,
A horrible way to start the day,
A horrible way to die.

Announcements, announcements, announcements.

What a terrible way to die,
What a terrible way to die,
What a terrible death, to be talked to death.
What a terrible way to die.

Announcements, announcements, announcements.
From usscouts.org

So, on  to the announcement.  Have you heard???  There will be a new General Women's Meeting that will replace both the young women's broadcast and the Relief Society Broadcast.  Twice each year my church-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-holds a general conference for the whole church.  In the spring, a week before conference there is a special meeting for women ages 18+.  In the fall a week before conference there is a special meeting for young women ages 12-18.  Well, now the meeting will be for all girls/women ages 8+, in the spring and the fall.  SO COOL!  I am SO excited about it! For the past while now I've had the plan to take the girls to the young women's broadcast, live at the conference center, in Salt Lake City when they turn 12.  Now I will take them when they turn 8!  Well, that's the new plan anyway.  Any one want to join me the fall of 2015 for the broadcast? I can't wait!

The other random piece to this post, is not an announcement, but something I heard on the Dave Ramsey show this morning.  I'll just paste the email I sent to my family this morning (with some minor editing, ha ha). 

So I was listening to Dave Ramsey this morning....don't die of shock...and I loved this segment--so inspirational!  Listen to it for yourself at
Click on Friday Oct 25
Start listening at minute 18:57

If you don't want to listen to it, I'll give you the run down.  A family with 14 kids--13 still living at home (they have a 20 year old working and will attend college by paying with cash) --paid off $57,000 in 20 months.  They currently make about $100,000 which is a great income, but when they started their journey of paying off debt they were making about $65,000. (Still a good income, but pretty tight with 16 people in the house!)  Still they paid off $28,500 each year or roughly $2375 a month.  Wow.  So cool.  And did I mention they have 13 kids still at home?!  Anyway, I was just really impressed.  Very motivational.   {End of email}

It just inspires me and makes me realize that if I am intentional about a goal that I can reach it.  This just story came to mind so I'll keep going.  After I had Elden I was very determined to loose the "baby weight".  My big push came when my sister Lois challenged me to work out FIVE days a week.  I did not think that was possible with four little kids at home.  But we were living on an army base at the time and were blessed to have a community center just a few blocks from our house.  And that community center had a playroom and TV for my kids.  I would run on the treadmill and watch Food Network (it's kind of funny and weird sweating bullets, watching them frying up donuts or whipping up a triple chocolate cake) while the kids would play or watch TV.  Or try to get on the other excise equipment!  But all in all it worked out well and I was thankful to have use of the facility.

When Elden was born he was 28 weeks.  By that time I had been in the hospital for 5 weeks on strict bedrest (I left my room once a week to go to an ultrasound and that was it.  Kind of weird going to a hospital never knowing when you're going to leave, or go to a store, or go to church, etc.).  I wasn't even full term when he was born and I had already gained 40 pounds.  While I was working out, I would just think if Hollywood stars can loose their baby weight in three months or whatever they do, I can do it too.  No, I didn't have a personal trainer or a personal chef, and it did take me longer than three months.  And a lot of hard exercise. But hey, if they could do it, I'd find a way too.  (Melissa, I'd really isn't a word?)  So back to the family with 14 kids.  They found a way.  They did it.  So cool.

And for reminiscing purposes, I'm throwing in a few photos. Here I am about 6 weeks after Elden was born.  My wonderful Missouri friends threw me a surprise baby shower.  I was SO surprised.  Hey, my outfit confirms it! I love the power of goals and the wonderful gift of choice and willpower God gave us to reach those goals. I am grateful for a functioning body and that I could loose the baby weight.

Look how tiny Elden was!!!
March 16 2009

And look at him now, well, as of August 2012 when this photo was taken. 

We are here to act, not to be acted upon. It's always uplifting to hear people reaching their goals.  And it's always exciting hearing new changes from our Prophet and church leaders.  Lee's nephew is on a mission and from what he wrote in his last letter it sounds like a big change is in the works...supposedly it will be announced sometime before or at April 2014 General Conference.  I have no clue what-nor does he-but his teacher at the missionary training center found out.  My brother Sam has a guess that the church will start supporting full-time missionaries, which I am inclined to agree. Right now mostly the missionaries or their families pay their own way. 

I love what President Monson said: The future is as bright as your faith.


Jenny Whiting said...

So, did you write this before or after I was there today? Just funny that we talked about Eldon's birth, you being in the hospital, gaining weight, losing weight, etc!! Thanks again for all your help today. You are an amazing example to me. Thanks for your recent posts on money, budgeting, etc. You always inspire me to do better with that. And your house is beautiful! I know it all takes time and patience, but you are off to a great start.

brooks said...

Okay, so my mom corrected me with my memory, "I'd" IS a word, but on my application they said I used "It'd" as in "It'd be a great honor to be accepted....." Yea, not so classy. ;) So go on with your "I'd" self, because I stand corrected.
I still can't believe how little Eldon was when he was born!!!!!!!!!

Mari said...

I think the change for missionaries is that all the missionaries in the US will have iPads and be using social media to do missionary work. They have been testing it in some areas of the US already. We recently had someone come and visit our stake and said that. That's the change I am assuming but maybe there is more??

BWei said...

I agree with Jenny's comment--you are amazing. And yes, that is so cool about the new conference session with the girls. I loved these posts. I just have a question--is $200 a month just your emergency grocery budget or is that what you spend now?