Friday, November 1, 2013

1st Part of October

Random happenings took place the first part of October.  Here is a recap. Our anniversary was the 21st of September and I thought about making chocolate cheesecake for it.  One of the ingredients is Oreo cookies for the crust.  Well, I didn't want to pay full price for a package of Oreos, so I passed on making it, even though I had enough cream cheese.  Soon there after I found a great deal on Oreos at Sharp Shopper and Lee made a cheesecake for a date night dessert.  So why am I showing you this picture of a bowl in the sink? If I had made the cheesecake I would have licked this baby clean.  Melted chocolate?  Yum!  Good thing I didn't make it, ha ha.  And since it was already in the sink I passed. 
Oct 5 2013

Clark did an extra credit project...can you guess what it is?  I had him help me make some playdough and he took it from there.
Oct 8 2013 (2)

It's a volcano.
Oct 8 2013 (3)

Oct 8 2013 (4)

Elden is in to making different expressions.  I did not catch him off guard or anything.  This is how he posed for the camera.  Too funny.
Oct 8 2013 (5)

Oct 8 2013 (6)

And since we're doing a photo shoot of everyone I might as well join in too.
Oct 8 2013 (7)

Clark tested out the good 'ol baking soda/vinegar bit for the volcano. 
Oct 8 2013 (8)

When it was finally his turn to "erupt" his volcano at school, it didn't work.  He put baking soda in the bottle, but nothing else.  He had the vinegar in its own container.  Not sure what went wrong there. 
Oct 8 2013 (9)

Lego tower.  After they left for school Lee built one that reached the ceiling.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.
Oct 8 2013

This picture is for Sam.  My brother Sam used to work for Rich's Foods.  Strawberries were $0.99 a pound at Sharp Shopper so for a couple of nights we had strawberries with whipped topping for a little treat. 
Oct 9 2013

And how sweet is this?  So cute. 
Oct 10 2013

We did a project outside that involved the weed patch.  This is how bad the side of our house looked. 
Oct 11 2013 (2)

Elden likes pictures showing off his cars.
Oct 11 2013 (3)

Oct 11 2013 (4)

Um, yeah. Pretty bad.  It looks better now, but I'll leave you hanging for a couple of days until I actually get around to taking some pictures and sprucing up the rest of the area.  Lee built a bike rack too for all of those bikes. Plus, our house was power washed on Saturday---YAY! and looks A TON better.  The guy gave us a great deal, I thought.
Oct 11 2013

Just for fun, this is a funny picture of Shanna one Sunday.
Oct 13 2013 (2)

Again, Elden and his car.
Oct 13 2013 (3)

And that same Sunday, (Shanna is wearing a different set of clothes) Lee partially buried the kids in legos.  Sundays usually involve lego building time. 
Oct 13 2013


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