Saturday, September 21, 2013


After Rachel's baptism--see previous post--we changed our clothes and drove up to the UVA/BYU game in Charlottesville.  When we found out that BYU would be playing in Charlottesville we really wanted to go.  We thought about taking only a few kids but decided to take everyone, which I am so glad we did.  We had a lot of fun.  We met Lee at the stadium.  A few minutes after we found our seats, there was thunder and lightening.  They cleared out the stadium and we were some of the last people to leave.  Then it started raining.  We waited in the walkway areas directly outside the stadium for well over an hour.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (2)

While waiting a game of stick ball started.  Cal wanted to go down and hit the water bottle. 
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (3)

Just as he got there people were allowed back in the stadium and the game re-started.  Someone was nice and let Cal hit the bottle.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (4)

Thankfully it stopped raining.  It can rain all day here!  Either at or close to half-time it started raining again.  We weren't sure what to do.  There was no way I was going to sit out in the rain for an hour or so waiting for the game to end.  Clark was willing to sit with Lee, but no one else.  Thankfully the rain stopped yet again. The game got over after 9pm.  It started at 3:30.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (5)

Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (6)

Funny enough I brought I towel with me! But of course no rain ponchos.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (7)

Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (8)

Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (9)

Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (10)
From 3:30 to 9 we gummy bears and those handisnacks where you dip a cracker in cheese dip stuff.  I decided to splurge and buy popcorn.  They were $4 each!  I am glad I bought some though.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (11)

Cal took a couple of photos.  This one he is touching the light.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (13)

Another Cal photo.
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (14)

One fun thing was we sat by a group of BYU guys that loved to yell, cheer and pound the benches.  It was fun cheering with them.  The kids did pretty well at the game.  And hey, if they wanted to yell, go for it! 
Aug 31 2013 BYU Football vs UVA (15)

After the game we exited a different way than we came in and it took us a little longer to get back to the van.  All of the kids were asleep, except for Shanna, about a mile or two into our trip home.  We stopped at Little Caesars for pizza as none of us had had dinner.  Shanna was awake long enough to eat a breadstick.  The kids had their pizza the next day. 

BYU plays in Hattiesburg in 2015.  I really want to go to that game with the family!  Next year they are playing somewhat close by in a couple of games, but by then we will be taking a year-long spending hiatus (so to speak) to focus on paying extra towards our house. (I am so excited about it and have been planning out a potential future budget, ha ha.) My sister lives in Mississippi so it would be fun to go down and see her and go to the game with my parents.  Lena, want to join us? 


Mari said...

I want to go to the game!

Mari said...

Me! Me! I want to go to the game.

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Sounds fun!