Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lee's Birthday, Gulf of Mexico-to-Pacific-to-Atlantic accomplished!

It's been pretty busy around here. As you know Labor Day weekend (or if not, scroll down and read my older posts) was pretty busy.  We went to my niece's baptism, drove up to the BYU game, stayed home Sunday (after going to church of course) and then the very next day, Lee's birthday we went to the beach! The morning we left the kids saw some ants out on the sidewalk.  A lot of ants.
Sept 2 2013 Ants (4)

Sept 2 2013 Ants (2)

We then headed to Virginia Beach.  We've never been to Virginia Beach.  I must say, I love it!  Lois and Jeff and family met us there.  We both left about the same time from our houses (Lois lives in a different state than me) and we actually met up on the highway!  So funny. 

The kids went on a short bike ride.
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (2)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (4)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (7)

We also had lunch right before the bike ride.  Then, swimming and playing at the beach!  This summer we hit all major bodies of water surrounding the US: the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  Lee missed out on the Gulf of Mexico, but made it to the other two. I thought it was pretty fun that we went to all three in one summer. 
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (9)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (10)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (11)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (12)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (13)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (14)

The weather was perfect that day.  And thankfully Lois spyed someone throwing a beach umbrella away.  I grabbed it out of the trash and baby Rhett was able to stay out of the sun.  We kept it and will use it next time we go!
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (15)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (17)

After we sort of cleaned up, we walked over to a restaurant we saw right by the boardwalk and had dinner.  Yum!
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (18)

The big lazy susan in the middle was fun.
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (20)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (23)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (25)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (26)

Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (27)

My salad was SOO good.  I am not a big seafood person.  I LOVE salads though.
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (32)

I told the waiter that it was Lee's birthday and he got a free dessert.
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (33)

Haley gave Lee a jar with legos in it. We had a really fun day at the beach.  I want to go next year too and make it a yearly tradition!  On the way home, Lee accidentally started heading towards Washington, D.C.  We got home 40 minutes later than we should have.  Oh well. It was back to school and work the next day.
Sept 2 2013 Virginia Beach (35)

The next night Lee opened presents from us.
Sept 3 2013 Lee presents

Shanna wanted to buy this for Lee. Guess who got to eat most of it?
Sept 3 2013 Lee presents (3)

To continue on with Lee's birthday, we decided to have cake and ice cream with Lois and Lee that following weekend.  Lois' birthday is two days after Lee's.  That weekend on Saturday (yep, we headed out again) Lee and I went to the temple and later that night we went to our friend Mary's.  There was dinner and then we stayed for the BYU game.  Funny that there was yet another rain delay!  Sometime that evening we broke out the ice cream and Lois provided a Texas sheet cake and a huge, yummy molten lava cake for the adults.  Happy Birthday Lee and Lois!
Sept 7 2013 Lee cake

Sept 7 2013 Lee cake (3)

Baby Rhett is so cute!
Sept 7 2013 Rhett

Sept 7 2013 Shanna

Sept 7 2013 Shanna Rhett (2)

About 9pm or so I went out to our van and slept.  We left after midnight to drive home.  I was pretty tired that evening and knew I wouldn't be able to drive home if I stayed up and watched the game.  I did not mind missing part of the game (I am not a huge sports fan) and was able to drive the whole way home.  And we made it to church on time the next morning. It's been a very fun, full summer.  And now it's officially the first day of fall! I have a couple more updates I need to do this coming week. I was hoping the kitchen would be done yesterday but we s-t-i-l-l have a few little projects left.  I forgot about installing a new light (it's ordered!) and putting in a threshold piece.  Also, some prints are coming in the mail that we will hang in the kitchen.  I did get my curtains hung (thanks to my awesome husband Lee for hanging them!), and made a cover for the Bosch.  I also got some new containers to put flour and cereal in.  So, yeah, I didn't get a whole lot done in the kitchen.  It's a few days away though!!!!


Emilee said...

I thought that it was cool that I've been to the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico in my 30+ years of life. But that is amazing to hit all three in one summer!

BWei said...

You are so adventurous and amazing!! Can't wait to see the kitchen. That's so cute about your nephew loving you so much. You are great.

Rachel said...

Ditto to what everyone else has said! You are seriously amazing. You asked about our in ground trampoline...we haven't had any issues with it yet. We spray for weeds underneath and they don't go too crazy. We'll see what happens over the winter, but I think it'll be just fine. We LOVE having it in the ground! Can't wait for your kitchen post!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday to Lee! (I love TX sheet cake!) I love how you celebrate & I love how many adventures you take your family on. All your kids will have so many great memories growing up :)