Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cub Scouts and more...

We have delved into cub scouting with Clark.  So far he loves it and received his Bobcat last week.  We have eased in to extra activities very slowly at our house.  The ONLY thing extra that the boys have EVER done was swimming lessons early this year.  That is it.  I am not into sports, so if our boys start doing little league or something, Lee will have to take over that one.  And if I combine what feels like a busy enough life for our family and a self-imposed lack of funds for sports or other activities...well boys and girls, maybe you can sign up for something next year! (Well, okay.  Probably just the two older boys...)

Clark and Lee the night of the den meeting.
Oct 26 2011 Clark Lee Clark getting his Bobcat

We attended our ward Halloween dinner and church-or-treat.  It was kind of cold and snowing--yes snowing--outside during the party, so trick-or-treating was held in the building.  It was so nice to sit in the foyer and not be cold while handing out candy!  The Young Men and Young Women's organizations were in charge of the party and did a great job.  We had a fun time.  And let me tell you, getting ready for the party was so fun.  The kids were so excited to dress up and go to the party...I loved it! 
Oct 28 2011 Lee and Shanna

Oct 28 2011 Haley

Oct 28 2011 Haley (2)

Funny enough, a few people asked me: What are you?  My answer: I don't know.  Lee bought this dress for me while he was in Nicaragua (or whoever his future wife was going to be, ha ha).  I have worn it maybe once before.  While we don't mind dressing up for Halloween, Lee and I don't want to try and think of WHAT to dress up as.  So it was an easy solution!
Oct 28 2011 Ruth and Elden

Oct 28 2011 Elden

Oct 28 2011 Cal

Clark's last minute costume.  Glad he loved my suggestion!  It was a fun costume!
Oct 28 2011 Clark

So Dr. Who fans.....don't BLINK!
Oct 28 2011 Katie Walker, Angel

I just had to keep her eye red....
Oct 28 2011 Katie Walker, Angel (2)

Love it! 
Oct 28 2011 Clark (2)

Oct 28 2011 Shanna

Oct 28 2011 Haley (3)

Oct 28 2011 Cal (2)

Look at the pose and release! Nice form Cal! Our boys aren't in sports but they have been bowling a couple of times.  Does that count?
Oct 28 2011 Cal (3)

Oct 28 2011 Haley (5)

Oct 28 2011 Cal (4) time to brag...or look like a fool. So when I heard that there was going to be an adult pie eating contest, I had to enter.  It's a family tradition to have pie eating contests at family reunions.  Our family goes at it.  No nibble here, dab the napkin there, type of deal.  No no.  You smash your face into the pie and scarf as FAST as you can.  Chewing is a bother, swallowing is preferable. I've had cousins inhale a pie--a mini one--in one bite...or so it seemed.

I was not prepared for a WHOLE pie eating contest though....Another lady and I competed against 4 guys.  Guess who got 1st and 2nd?
Oct 28 2011 Ruth Pie Eating Contest

Oct 28 2011 Ruth Pie Eating Contest (2)

Oct 28 2011 Ruth Pie Eating Contest (3)

This was about a minute into the competition.  Look at the guys' pies.  Then look at the ladies'.
Oct 28 2011 Ruth Pie Eating Contest (4)

Yep!  I won!  Last time I did a pie eating contest I really thought I was going to win, but I didn't.  My friend Kristi beat me.  This time around, although I wanted to win, I went in as a more humble contestant. Though my gag reflex never triggered, it sure got pretty close. I was even full from dinner.  I'll have to plan that out better next time.  But I did not get sick.  Here is my pie when the contest ending at 1 minute 15 seconds.
Oct 28 2011 Ruth Pie Eating Contest (5)

Me with the angel
Oct 28 2011 Ruth Katie Walker

I didn't blink so she hadn't killed me yet!
Oct 28 2011 Ruth Katie Walker (2)

AND the snow kept coming.  I always love the first snow of the season and I am glad that it is all melted.  There is plenty of time for snow in Dec, Jan and Feb.

Happy Halloween!


andyandsteph said...

YAY RUTH!! Great job with the pie eating contest! I still think it's so funny that the guys were so far behind you guys. It looked like a really fun party.

Lois said...

Haha! I love the pictures of the pie eating contest - way to go!! And I love how Shanna and Haley's costumes perfectly represent them. Too cute!!