Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Merry Land

The weekend after Lee's parents left we headed up to Maryland for our monthly temple trip and visit with the Heits.  The night started off right with a Pizza Heit Party Night and while the kids had a ball playing the Wii Jeff and Lois went on a date.

The next morning Lee and I went on our date: temple, IKEA, commissary.  That afternoon we went to a park nearby.  While the husbands watched the kids, Lois and I did an Aldi run.  (I can't wait till Black Friday Lois!)
Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland, Cal

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Elden

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Shanna Haley

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Elden (2)

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Haley Elden

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Cal

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Elden Clark

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Cal (2)

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Clark

So beautiful!  A nice fall day.
Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland

Yeah, sorry about the fuzzy pictures.  Of course I didn't know the lens was dirty till the next day after we were home! Oh well.... But Lee does always have a special glow about him!
Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Haley lee

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Elden (3)

Sweet Blake!  Boy does he cruise around!  He is a pro-crawler and loves walking along the couch and chairs.  He is also quite the taste-tester (like any 10ish month-old). Leave it on the ground and he'll try it out for you!
Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Blake Heit

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Shanna Cal Clark Haley Reed Heit

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Reed Heit Clark Shanna Haley

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Lee Cal

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Reed Heit Shanna

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Elden (4)

Oct 22 2011 Park in Maryland Elden (5)

Lois treated us to some yummy meals and before we headed home, some pumpkin muffins.  Shanna and Haley of course were drawn to the kitchen!
Oct 22 2011Shanna and muffins cute!  You'd never know they were twins!  I have been (mostly) letting Shanna dress herself lately. Definitely surprises people when I tell them they are twins! What is funny is when I ask Shanna or Haley who was in my belly with them at the same time.  It's so funny when they say Cal or Elden.
Oct 22 2011 Shanna & Haley muffins

On our way home I saw this sign. It is Shakespeare BLVD.  Of course it reminded me of our good friends the Shakespear's (do I put an apostrophe and then an "s" here??). Too bad there is an "e" on the sign AND that you can't even hardly read it in the photo! Trust me though.
Oct 22 2011 Shakespeare BLVD Germantown MD

I took the same photo and started messing with the colors/shades.  I thought this would be a fun photo to enlarge and stick on a wall...maybe....someday....if I wanted a city nightscape or something...
Oct 22 2011 Shakspeare BLVD, Germantown MD

It's been a fun couple of weeks. I always enjoy a switch-up from regular day life; though regular life is always good as well. Sunday Lee and I spoke in church on "Be ye not weary in well-doing." 

I am still enjoying volunteering at the school.  And BIG news!  Nope, not expecting, ha ha, but I am now a Primary Teacher.  It's official.  I have NEVER had a calling in the Primary. I've always been in the Relief Society and have had lot of different callings there.  Besides, I LOVE Relief Society!  And funny enough, I have two callings now.  I don't know if I've ever had two callings.  My first calling here (and still is) the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator.  The counselor in RS is great and it should good calling.  And for Primary, I will be team teaching with a friend.  She is a nurse and can't be there every Sunday.  So we will swap teaching on Sundays.  

The patient numbers are still down at Lee's work but there is a "steady" flow I guess you could say. Plus he is working on some exciting things with the business....stay tuned! The kids are all well...except for a mysterious rash on Elden's leg...and are excited about Halloween!  I am excited about all the candy I am going to save and set away for Christmas. And that reminds me, here in town the downtown businesses host trick-or-treating.  Lee is going to participate and bought a bunch of "eye" candy. Pictures to come!


Sarah and Todd said...

Can't wait to see the eye candy! That's a super cute idea. How far do you go to visit the temple? Our Boise temple is closed for two years :( for refurbishing due to water damage. So we go to Twin Falls, and it really makes the trip require a lot more planning and forethought!

jeni said...

The eye candy sounds awesome! I am so glad you guys seem to be enjoying your little town in the east! We miss you here terribly! I love keeping up with what's going on with you guys!! Love you!!

Megan and Jeremy said...

I don't know what it is but Elden looks so grown up in these pictures & for the first time he is reminding me of Cal for some reason.

Congrats on your Primary calling! I have never been in RS but I'm always in YW or Primary & love it-you'll be great.

ps-the 'our best bites' cookbook has a beautiful, colorful picture for each recipe & that's one of the main reasons I love it-I'm 100 times more likely to make something if there's a picture to go along with it. And it's only 15.99 @ Deseret Book :)

Collin and Sara said...

Your kids grow up way to fast!! So cute though :)

Lois said...

Thanks for visiting! It was a lot of fun!!