Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

Lois Heit and co. came down for conference weekend. Saturday morning Lois and I went shopping and checked out some fun stores here in town. 
Oct 1 2011

Lois got an awesome deal on a baby shower gift: 1 outfit, 4 headbands and a card all for $2.50!
Oct 1 2011 Lois (3)

Oct 1 2011 Lois and Ruth (2)

In between sessions we took family pictures. 
Oct 1 2011 (3)

Oct 1 2011 (4)

Oct 1 2011 (5)

That evening for Priesthood Session, we got all the kids to bed (thanks Lois for reading the girls a story!!!) and then Lois and I enjoyed yummy brownies, popcorn and HGTV.

It was so cute seeing Elden playing with baby Blake.
Oct 2 2011 Blake Heit & Elden

Oct 2 2011 Blake Heit and Elden

Sunday afternoon session right before I dosed off (sadly). I wasn't asleep the whole time though!  I was still in the I-am-listening-just-have-my-eyes-closed-and-am-relaxing-state-even-though-I-know-I-look-asleep.
Oct 2 2011 Lee Ruth

Oct 2 2011 Lee Ruth Clark

We loved having the Heits here!  Conference weekend is always such a special time!


Jenn Randall said...

I hope that couch is still comfortable enough!!! hahaha I have to laugh because we STILL use the couch my sister gave us that made it possible for us to give that to you! We have a family & living room now, so we had to break down and buy more furniture...but I think I told you, $175 for a HUGE sectional w/2 recliner chairs and a hide-a-bed was well worth it! Can't wait for you to find your great deal!

Lois said...

Thanks for having us!! We had a lot of fun!!! (And that picture of you sleeping - you were really sleeping) ;D

andyandsteph said...

Awesome weekend! I wish you and Lois could've been with Sheldon and me. That would have been really fun.