Sunday, October 23, 2011

Luray Caverns

Lee's parents recently visited.  It was great to see them and so sweet of them to come all this way to see us! On the way to our house, they stopped in Luray to see the caverns.  The called us wondering if we would like to join them.  We got ready and headed up.  What great caverns!  So beautiful.  The tour guide was great with my kids, which I really appreciated.  Everyone had a great time. 

Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Cal

Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Clark Don

Lee and I with his wonderful parents!
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Lee Ruth Raema Don

Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns (2)

This might have been my favorite thing.  There is a pool of water that is so still the reflection is unbelievable.  Amazing! Of course it looks better in real life.
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns (3)

All the kids!
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Cal Haley Clark Shanna Ruth Elden

Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns (5)

Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Ruth Clark

A fuzzy picture, but this is an operating organ whose pipes are the stalactites. People actually come all the way down here for special occasions, like weddings.  I personally can't imagine walking a 1/2 mile down into a cavern to get married in a pristine white dress.  Seems a bit dirty to me...
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Lee Haley Cal Elden

I guess they have these throughout the cave, but here is one example of a mechanical organ part tapping a stalactite to create sound (or whatever happens when sound comes out of an organ pipe).
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns (6)

This part is calling the Wishing Well.  People throw in coins totally thousands of dollars each year--from the chart that is what it seemed like.  All the money collected from the Wishing Well goes to a charity.  And don't fall off your seat, but I gave the kids each a coin to toss in.
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns (8)

Haley and Grandma!
Oct 12 2011 Luray Caverns Haley Raema

What a view.  It is gorgeous out here! Come and visit!
Oct 12 2011 Luray

The next day we did some crafts with the youngins at home.  I did make a trip to the school to make photo copies.
Oct 13 2011 Haley Shanna

Oct 13 2011 Haley Shanna (2)

Oct 13 2011 Raema Haley Shanna

Oct 13 2011 Haley Shanna (3)

Oct 13 2011 Elden

Every 2nd weekend in October our town hosts Autumn Days.  There are lots of craft booths, food and entertainment.  Also down by the city park another group simultaneously holds another craft fair/flea market.  I loved looking around.
Oct 15 2011 craft show

Oct 15 2011 Elden

Oct 15 2011 Haley

I found out some cloggers were performing so after lunch we headed back down again.  I stayed behind with the girls and bought my mom and dad their little Christmas gift.  It's fun going shopping and browsing with my girls!
Oct 15 2011 Cloggers Elkton Autumn Days

Oct 15 2011 Ruth Cal Clark

Oct 15 2011 Clark

Oct 15 2011 Lee Haley

After I took some pictures one of the kids--Haley I am sure--took the camera and took more pictures.  I chuckled when I saw this one.  A perfectly great photo of someone's shoe.  So funny.
Oct 15 2011 someone

Before the girls and I headed home we stopped at the playground.  Autumn Days are held on the street right in front of the school (street blocked off of course) and the playground couldn't have been more convenient!
Oct 15 2011 Haley Shanna (2)

Oct 15 2011 Haley Shanna


Bryan & Ashley said...

Autumn Days sounds like fun! Maybe next year Lee could set up a table with a few eye glasses display boards: "Come view the latest fall fashions in eyeware" or something.

Lois said...

Looks cool! It would be fun to go some year with you!