Friday, January 21, 2011

A week late, a penny overdue

Just kidding about the penny part.  Thought it read well.  I should have done this post on Sunday, but here I am doing it almost a week late.  Luckily for you, it will be short because I can't remember all I wanted to write!

On Monday the 10th the kids and Lee had a ROUSING game of tag and eating bull.  Luckily the settled down somewhat quickly while we did our daily family reading out of The Book of Mormon. While I was reading the last few verses, the girls dosed off.  They did the same thing again a night or two later.   
Jan 10 2011 Haley Clark Shanna Cal

Our friends Nathan and Andrea moved the end of that week.  I wish they were still here!  She was sweet and made us some yummy caramel apples.  We're going to miss you all!!!!
Jan 14 2011, caramel apples from Andrea Player

During the Bartholomew Reunion in Mississippi, Mike and Lena made this FABULOUS Family Home Evening chart.  THANK YOU!  Initially I was going to make it, but Mike kept offering to do things for me like sand the wood and paint it, etc. that I didn't do hardly anything! With their creative minds and a cutting machine, the possibilities are endless!!!  I thought I would include this picture because of the cute shot of Elden.
Jan 14 2011, board made by Lena and Mike

Sadly, we haven't been yet to buy the hardware to hang it, but it will be up soon!

Jan 14 2001 FHE board

Last week it snowed about an inch or two and school was canceled for two days.  Too funny.  People up North don't laugh.  I am not the one who decides about school closings!  I love having snow days for selfish reasons.  I get to sleep in and not go anywhere! But I do wonder why school was canceled. 
Jan 11 2011 Haley (2)

Jan 11 2011 Cal (2)

These floaty rings were on sale for about $0.50 each.  I bought a whole bunch to use for "sledding".  We really need to break down and buy a sled (maybe the fall we will).  Twenty dollars just seems a lot to shell out for a piece of plastic!  They work pretty well.  Lee and I have learned that we can't ride on them or they pop.
Jan 11 2011 Cal Clark

Jan 11 2011 Ruth Haley Elden

Sorry about the scarf Elden.  But it was quite cold that day and I am sure you appreciated the warmth over fashion.
Jan 11 2011 Ruth Elden

Jan 11 2011 Shanna

Told you it would be short!  If you were wanting more, two items more actually, keep reading.  About a week ago we started a new blog, my four sisters and I.  Lena is the brain child behind it all. The title of the blog is Five Sisters, Five Families.  Our goal is to give others ideas for their meal planning all keeping within a $400 monthly grocery budget.  (The $400 does not include personal and household items like paper towels or toiletries.) We sisters are at slightly different stages in our lives.  It will be exciting to see the different posts and how the sisters are spending their food money.  My goal for the food money will be lower as I want to keep it under $250.  Lee and I have some big financial goals that we are tackling (I know, I know, you are all SHOCKED) and we aren't ready quite yet to increase the food budget. Okay, I'll re-phrase...I am not ready yet, but Lee is in total agreement! The sisters will take turns each week posting on the blog.  My turn will be the last weekend in January.  So please visit!!! For a little teaser on my soon-to-be post, we spent $209.50 this month on groceries.  (Yesterday was the last shopping trip for the month.)  Stay reading so you can find out what meals were made and how I was able to stay so low---well, I think it was low!

And lastly, Lee and I started a new weeknight tradition....Lark Rise to Candleford.  I had heard about this series from, of course, my sisters and my mom.  IT IS SO GOOD!  Lois told me that I could watch episodes on YouTube (we watched three on there) and then I went to the good 'ol local library and they had Season 1!  It has been very fun watching this series.  Here is their website:
What I love about it also is that they are in Season 4 and I am only on Season 1....lots of fun shows to catch up on!

Well, that is it.  I have more to post for the current week, but that will wait for the weekend.


The Letterman's said...

I'll definetly start looking at that blog, how fun I'm always looking for new ideas for meals-ugh seems like dinner time happens so often ;) Saw your cute sister and her hubby walking down 9th east towards BYU today and thought of Sister B and LA!

MissouriMormonMama said...

I don't know how you do it Ruth! $400 wouldn't quite cut it here- although we've been trying to keep it as low as we can. I'll have to check it out sometime ( :