Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The title is courtesy of Haley...I think.  I am a little more on top of things this week (maybe) and am updating the blog a bit more on schedule. Last week Lee had Monday off and he spent it cleaning out our storage room.  For people who don't keep a lot of stuff around, we got rid of a lot!  Don't worry mom, there are some things I can't part with--even though I have no idea what to do with those items.  I was quite happy because out of the three boxes of "my" stuff that I went through, I ended up with one box full.  I also cleaned out the files a couple of weeks ago and that was great!  I had to chuckle at some of the folders I a Credit Card file, and a Student Loan file.  I thoroughly enjoyed trashing our paperwork from student loans received in optometry school.

School was canceled AGAIN for two days in a row.  I LOVED IT!  Lee even got to go to work 2 hours late one day. Some friends came and played games last weekend, and we always love that.  The most exciting thing happened Saturday when Lee and I went to St. Louis by ourselves.  We went to the St. Louis Temple--the reason for the trip--did some shopping (didn't buy anything except food at Aldi, but did get an ink tag thing removed from some Sunday clothes we bought Clark online and the company forgot to take it off before they mailed it to us). When Elden was born I had the option of choosing a congratulations meal from the hospital, or two $10 Olive Garden gift cards.  I had eaten their food for five weeks (and it was great food, no joke!), but I could not pass up a potentially free date with Lee! We finally used those gift cards on Saturday.  My phone fell out of my coat pocket at Olive Garden and thankfully it was found, returned to management hands, AND sent to me for free!  Way to go Olive Garden! Other than that, not much else is going on.  And if you are still reading after the above intro, you can tell I lead an exciting life of purging papers.

Elden hanging out one night
Jan 9 2011 Elden

Haley and Elden.  Elden loves to climb in boxes and sit in them.  I really wonder if it's because of the isolette he was in for two months!
Jan 9 2011 Haley Elden

The snow day last Thursday.  Shanna did not want her picture taken.

Clark being sweet and shoveling our neighbor's driveway.  He told Cal earlier that if you went outside you had to work and shovel snow. (I never told him anything about shoveling snow and what not, which makes it even sweeter to hear!)  Sam, you can send your kids here and Clark will train them! Cal wanted one of the garden hand shovels so he could help Clark--and Cal really shoveled snow with it! Clark shoveled both of our driveways--looks great Clark!

There was a little computer time during the snow days too...


While I was going through my boxes of stuff, I found some pictures and momentos I wanted to share.  Yes, they are not chronological.

One of my birthdays in Walnut 18th I think? my friends Brad, Cameron, Damian and Jordan came to Dairy Queen (where I was working at the time), filled the car I had driven to work with paper and attached this sign to the windshield.  It was pretty funny.  I am pretty sure it was those four, though my memory fails me a lot.  I laminated the sign and of course, kept it.
Birthday 1997

My first themed-date-dance at Ricks (again, if I remember correctly). It's funny that Lee and I were in the same group, but he wasn't my date that night.
Ricks 1998 Fall Dance

A middle school writing assignment while I was living in Barron, Wisconsin.  I love the first two sentences.  As you can tell, I wasn't a writer then; and as you can currently read, I am not a writer now.  I'll admit, I am surprised at the A- grade! I'll leave the writing to my mom, Lee, other family members, and my friends.
Ruth Middle School Assignment

My grandma Ruth with me, baby Ruth.  Okay, I have to admit, it does look a little like me, but it also looks like my other siblings....
Grandma Thompson with Ruth

Fall of 1996, Roger and I in the marching band.  GO WWG!
Ruth and Roger1997

That same winter we were in A Christmas Carol together.  I remember Roger making a turkey for that play--similar to how you would make a pinata.
Roger and Ruth in A Christmas Carol Nov 15, 1996

My cousin Chris, Steph, Lois and I at who knows where.  It could have been Salt Lake, Nauvoo, somewhere in California???  It does look like a temple or some sort of church building.  Anyone know?  Nathan???
Chris, Steph, Lois, and Ruth

The infamous Lake Laura nestled in the hills outside of the picturesque town of Walnut Grove.  So, not-so-great picture of me, but cute picture of Lois.
Ruth and Lois at the Lake

Little Ruth...maybe 3ish?  I think Haley looks a lot more like me than Shanna does. Either way, I am glad the genes I passed on were beautified in my darling girls.
Ruth, age 2

A picture taken while living at Wymount--married student housing at Brigham Young University.  I was 9 months pregnant with Clark.  This must have been taken a week before Clark's delivery as from our clothes Paul and I and et al. had been to church that day.  Looks like a mean dinner! 
Ruth and Paul B at Wymount

Whenever the above picture was taken, the below picture was taken approximately three weeks after Clark's birth.  Heavenly Father blessed me so much in my schooling.  I started Ricks in 1998, finished in 2000, did a summer term and a semester at BYU in Provo, Utah, went on a mission from 2001-2002, resumed my bachelor program (Communications with emphasis in Marketing/Advertising) Fall of 2002 and was done the next summer--2003.  Lee and I were married Fall of 2002.  Clark joined us promptly as were were celebrating our 1 year anniversary with an almost 2 month-old. Looking back, everything fell into place so well (and while I was living it!).  I am ever grateful that I finished college before any kids came.  That wasn't my goal; it's just how it all worked out.  Maybe someday I will get a Master's, but that will be someday, if any day.
Profile of Ruth, BYU graduation 2003

Ruth, BYU Graduation 2003

Lee and Ruth, BYU graduation 2003

Lee at Ruth's graduation 2003

Rewind a little bit to 2001.  My "sister" Jyl and I are at the Temple apartments at the Los Angeles Temple while we were serving as sister missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We were visitor center missionaries in addition to being proselyting missionaries. There is a Visitor Center behind the LDS Temple in Los Angeles, and we sisters would answer questions, take visitors on a tours, share the Restored Gospel, etc...a visitor center. We had the same wonderful trainer, Gloriela. Click on the above links to see pictures!  I am sure we were on our way back from the Mower's apartment having just enjoyed a bedtime snack.  They were a missionary couple serving at the Los Angeles Temple Visitors' Center.
Ruth and Jyl Ward, Call

Go back even further in time to my second semester in college at Ricks College, spring of 1999.  I don't look so great with the freshman 15, but had to post this great picture of Elder and Sister Bednar.  At the time he was the President of Rick's College.  Now he serves as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (this link shows a picture of the whole quorum) for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   Here are his latest words to the world: Receive the Holy Ghost. I enjoy hearing him speak at our bi-annual church conferences--called General Conference, and his wife is such a wonderful lady.
Ruth with Elder and Sister Bednar Mar 20, 1999 at Ricks College

Well, that ends my reminiscing.  Our camera is dead.  It died a sudden and surprising death sometime between Friday night and Monday morning.  I am picture happy on this blog, so I don't know what I'll do next week.  I guess dig into the archives some more....


Roger said...

I never know you wrote a story about the bike accident, much less every went and saw a dr. I totally remember that day!

I think the picture with Chris is from when we went to California and went to the Chineese church meeting with Daniel. (he will have to tell you for sure.)

Ahh the memories.

Steph said...

Sam loves hanging out in boxes too...actually all the kids do.
My camera just stopped working too. It was fine the beginning of last week then wouldn't turn on on Friday. I was pretty worried until I found the reset button which thankfully restored it to working order which was a huge relief.

The Letterman's said...

THANK YOU Lee for answering my question!! They did dilate her eyes. Thanks for letting me "in" on how it works! Ya just kinda wonder how do they tell? We go back in a few weeks to make sure things are looking good!

Megan and Jeremy said...

How fun to reminisce with old pictures! I need to look through mine & scan them into our computer. How fun you got a picture with Elder & Sister Bednar :)

Dean and Elaine said...

Love all these memories!!!

Lois said...

Loved seeing all the old pictures! I have to ask though - what in the world is in that pan you are holding??