Sunday, January 9, 2011

Then there was one.....

It's hard to believe that we actually had three kids in nursery!  I am sure that doesn't happen too often with people...even with kids being close together!  It was short lived, but Shanna, Haley and Elden were in nursery together for a couple of months. Elden could have been in longer, but he wasn't walking and with our HUGE nursery, we didn't want him to get trampled.

Today was Shanna and Haley's second day of Primary!  They went last week in Mississippi and then today was their first day in the St. Robert Ward.  Haley wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but I have Shanna hooked.  She was sad one day about going to Primary and I told her if she wants to go to school someday like Clark and Cal (she is always talking about going to school) she has to go to Primary.  And it was nice because I didn't feel so bad leaving Haley with Shanna by her side.  AND my good friend Kathryn and her husband are their teachers, so that makes it even better!
Jan 9 2011 Haley Shanna 1st day of Primary at St. Robert Ward, St. Robert Missouri

And there is little nursery, alone.  He often falls asleep with one of the nursery leaders. I think he likes it okay. But as he isn't saying much and doesn't come back terrified, I think it is going well for him.

I've have caught him a couple of times climbing up to this spot...wonder who he saw do this?  As hard as we try with having the kids use the couch properly, I am not sure when it will happen.  Oh well...we'll just keep at it. What a cutie.
Jan 5 2011


Lena said...

Great posts Ruth! Glad you had a nice time.

Britt said...

Elden is so darling Ruth! And the girls have entered the throngs of Primary children alike! Dashle just did the same and I wish he had a twin for the last two weeks. Since I'm in there he thinks its okay to follow me around. Hopefully it will just keep getting better.

Megan and Jeremy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH!!!! Looks like you had a fun birthday & New Years with lots of family. I love your tradition of smashing your gingerbread houses-we just may have to copy that one!

And I need to read Jesus the Christ-I started on my mission but that was what, about 10 years ago??!!

Jessica said...

Ahhh, he's growing up too fast!

Lois said...

They grow up so fast!