Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lee went grocery shopping for me this afternoon to finish off the grocery shopping for January.  They let him go home early and I figured it would be a good time to go and save a little gas.  I'm happy to report that we have $0.59 left!  I'm very pleased that we stayed in budget!!! Even with months and months under our belt of sticking to a budget, the grocery category is still a battle.  Maybe next week I'll go buy a candy bar...and split it with Lee on our date night.

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The Letterman's said...

very impressive! Got a question for your hubby. My little 3 year old was just told she's far sighted and they put her in some specs. Just wondering how they know for sure-crazy I know but I wonder if the perscription is right etc. Since she's so little it's hard for her to tell us ya know. We knew something was wrong cause her eyes were wandering, crossing etc. But wow looking through her specs she is really blind! How does the Dr tell by looking in their eyes?