Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend.  Things started off right on Thursday when Clark lost one of his teeth accidentally by trying to pry some Legos apart--with his teeth of course.  He had another loose tooth and figured he might as well bite on another Lego and have the other tooth come out. It worked!  And of course, being the parents we are, we let Clark pick out two treats since two teeth came out. He asked if we could put money under his pillow, and then he could wake up and see that the toothfairy came. He decided to get the treat instead.

Friday we went swimming (minus Lee), then went to a birthday party (with Lee).  A couple of weeks ago I saw a message from my sister in my email to look under my chair.  I thought it was very strange, and felt silly, but I went ahead and looked under my chair.  There was a note under my chair from my wonderful husband asking me on a date!  It was very sweet and creative.  Thanks Lee! 

We went miniature golfing on base.
July 16 2010 Lee

July 16 2010 Lee and Ruth mini golf

We headed off base for a treat afterwards. While we were at DQ I took a picture of the DQ sign.  A guy in his vehicle saw me taking the picture.  A few minutes later while we were eating our blizzards, he came out and offered to take our picture. Basically he thought it was funny that we wanted a picture at DQ (that was my interpretation). We told him that it was a treat for us to be there alone because we had 5 kids.  Anyway, he was surprised and Lee and I got a nice chuckle. By the way I worked at Dairy Queen in high school.  I haven't been to DQ in years!
July 16 2010 DQ

The next morning we took a family bike ride to the PX for a car show. We brought our own popsicles. YUM!
July 17 2010 Clark Cal Lee Shanna Haley

July 17 2010 Elden

A car that Cal liked
July 17 2010 Cal

July 17 2010 Cal Haley Shanna

Cal was so amazed that he could see the engine.  It was so funny!
July 17 2010 Cal (2)

A new generation of car critics!
July 17 2010 Clark Shanna Haley Cal

A car Clark liked.
July 17 2010 Clark

And one Lee liked.
July 17 2010 Lee (2)

A family favorite! An original Shelby Cobra.  So sweet.....
July 17 2010 Shelby Cobra (3)

We rode on over to the USO and had a snack and played a little. 
July 17 2010 Shanna Haley USO

A nice nap after a long bike ride.
July 17 2010 z Shanna sleeping

This is a busted toy shopping cart that Elden LOVES to push around.
July 17 2010 z Elden toy

July 17 2010 z Elden toy (2)

We had a nice Sabbath today filled with the normal things.  Enjoy the week everyone!


Gianetta said...

Wow, I can't believe how big your kids are getting! SO cute! Glad you guys had a great trip, btw! So exciting!

Lois said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!! I loved all the wonderful pictures!!!!

andyandsteph said...

That's awesome you got to go to the car show. It looks like a lot of fun. I love the Shelby Cobra!!!!