Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This past weekend my parents and the Bunkers met at my house to exchange family members.  Deb had been traveling with my parents, so Matt and Paul came down to pick her up and rest of the family.

Elden and Hyrum.  Hyrum was born a few days before Elden was supposed to be born.
July 10 2010 Elden and Hyrum

Cute cousins!
July 10 2010 Elden y Hyrum

Look at those curls!  Hyrum reminds me of a little cherub! Not that I've seen one...
July 10 2010 Elden Hyrum

Everyone left too early for me, but I know they needed to get back home.  I wish I lived closer to family!  That afternoon we all went on another hike.  Yes, I know!  We are getting out and being adventurous!

We hiked down to Sandstone Spring, here on base. It's quite amazing how many "things" are on base.
June 10 2010 Haley Shanna Lee Cal Clark

Bringing up the back...
June 10 2010 Elden

June 10 2010 Clark

June 10 2010 Sandstone Spring Clark Cal

June 10 2010 Haley Shanna Lee

We then walked over to a Piney River.  We aren't sure if it was the Big Piney or the Little Piney. 
June 10 2010 Clark Cal Haley Shanna Piney River

June 10 2010 Elden (2)

Big or Little, the kids liked it.
June 10 2010 Clark Cal Shanna Haley Lee Piney River

Lee and I bought these outfits for the girls in Catarina, Nicaragua.  I took these pictures yesterday.
July 12 2010 Haley Shanna

July 12 2010 Haley Shanna (2)

I love my girls!!!
July 12 2010 Haley Shanna (3)

July 12 2010 Haley Shanna (4)

Also yesterday, Lee picked the first produce of the season!  We can't have a garden plot in our yard on base (well, till the ground and put one in that is...I am sure we could do planter boxes), so last summer and this summer my dad and Lee (respectively) planted items in the flower beds that go around our house.  We had the cucumber last night. YUM!  We are saving the tomato for a few more days, as were are currently enjoying a whole bucket full of tomatoes, green peppers, and banana peppers from Lena and my dad.  THANKS!
July 12 2010 First Produce

I am not sure if I posted these or not, but Elden loves this truck!  He had fun one early May afternoon playing with it.  Thanks Roger and Britt! I'll have to get it out again soon.
May 2010 Elden

May 10 2010 Elden (3)

May 2010 Elden


Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! And they are so cute! Glad you could see Deb and cute Hyrum for a little bit. Have fun finding more adventures on the base.

Photo Crazy! said...

Great pics! It is fun to see the updates. I can't believe how fast your family changes and grows up! I have been sooooo behind this spring/summer. Hope to get caught up soon. I don't know how you stay ahead! Your fam is beautiful.

Lois said...

You guys are doing so many fun things! I want to do all of them when I go out next!!! :)

TotallyContent said...

Oh were going to have to hike to sandstone springs; it looks like such a fun place!