Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching up

I saw a few pictures from May that I wanted to post, so here they are. 

My mom and me on Mother's day....I have a great Mom!!!
May 9 2010 Ruth and Lois

A couple weeks later we attended our ward's summer kick-off BBQ (the day after the last day of school).  As always Jana did an amazing job.  Along with hamburgers and a great spread of food, there was a bouncy house, a dunk tank, and of course great friends. It was very fun! 
May 22 2010 Lee Haley St. Robert Ward BBQ

May 22 2010 Clark dunk tank at ward BBQ

May 22 2010 Clark dunk tank

May 22 2010 Clark dunk tank (2)

May 22 2010 Shanna

Elden the beginning of May.  He sure loves the dishwasher!
May 10 2010 Elden

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Lois said...

Yeah - you need to make sure you look at all of your pictures twice Ruth! ;) I love that Clark went in the dunk tank! Where did you guys even get that? Either your ward has a lot of money for activities or really good connections... (Since I've been on the Activities Committee I pay attention more to other peoples' ward gatherings)