Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June Catch Up

Now that I am caught up on May, I will catch up for June too.  Even though Lois was moving into her condo WHILE my kids were there (we helped them move from their apartment to their condo right before we went to Nicaragua) she didn't mind that we stayed a couple more days before we headed home. 

One of the last days in Nicaragua I saw some Kinder eggs at the check out at La Colonia.  We bought one for each of the kids (sorry Elden, you missed out again).  The point of purchase worked on us Matt! 
June 13 2010 Clark Haley Reed Cal Shanna Kinder Eggs

Look familiar Sheldon?  Well, somewhat.  The wording isn't in Italian.
June 13 2010 Kinder Eggs

Opening the eggs.  There were small toys in them from a Madagascar movie.
June 13 2010 Cal

June 13 2010 Shanna and egg

Our last day (boo hoo) at Lois', the guys put together Cal's birthday toys.  What do you think he got?  Legos of course! 
June 14 2010 Clark Cal Lee

The others playing with leftover fondant.
June 14 2010 Shanna Reed

June 14 2010 Shanna Reed (2)

June 14 2010 Haley

The next weekend my dad was here for Father's Day.  Here are Shanna and my dad a few days before Father's Day.
June 17 2010 Darrell Bartholomew Shanna

Happy Father's Day Dad!  You're a GREAT dad and it was wonderful having you here!
June 17 2010

One night it was Cal's turn to wipe off the table and chairs.  He was doing such a great job with the chairs that I had to get a picture.
June 17 2010 Cal cleaning

On the 24th we had our first official emergency room visit.  Cal ran into the kitchen doorway and split his eyebrow open. The cut necessarily wasn't too bad, but it gapped open and I figured it would need stitches.  It was quite convenient actually--timing wise.  Lee had just finished work.  He came home and took Cal in.  It is all healed and Cal has a cool scar.  The night he came home, he and Clark were admiring the stitches in front of the bathroom mirror.  Hopefully we can last another 7 years without any emergency room visits!

I am glad Cal had a smile on his face at the end of the day...dirty faced and stitched!
June 24 2010 (2)

Hope June was a great month for everyone!


Lois said...

love the photos, especially Cal's stitches! He'll remember that!


Lois said...

love it! Especially Cal's stitches. He'll remember that.


Melissa S. said...

OH MY WORD! I LOVE those Kinder eggs!!!! They had them in Brazil all the time and we would ALWAYS get them on "special" occasions!
So sorry to hear about Cal!!

Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

way to catch up on all the posts! :) Love the pictures! And I love to hear about your adventures!

Roger said...

Awesome photo Cal!

Lois said...

I love that Cal and Clark were admiring his stitches! And thanks for visiting!! I wish you could have stayed longer!!!

andyandsteph said...

Cal looks so excited to put together the Legos he got for his birthday. I loved that picture :)