Sunday, January 10, 2010

We've had a few firsts and some hopefully-lasts this week.

I started feeding Elden baby food. I don't like the "baby food" stage, truthfully. I just rather nurse them or give them what the rest of us are eating. But so far it's going okay and I am excited that he is developing well!
Jan 4 2010 Elden eating

We had our first snow day from school! And I am glad I found out soon enough that I could sleep in a little.




Our little guy weighs 15 pounds now!

Another first--Elden has been getting up on his knees lately. I am so thankful that he is showing signs of getting ready to crawl.

Another first (sort of): Elden is now in his own room, which basically means no more mid-night, or early morning feedings. (Breakfast is not served till the earliest!) He actually has been sleeping through the night for weeks and weeks, so I am hoping that naturally continues and that my writing this doesn't jinks anything!

Want proof that kids watch what you do?? Shanna did ALL of this of her own accord. I don't know if Lee opened the baby food container, but I didn't! It was so cute!

Elden playing in the closet while I was getting the kids geared up to play in the cold and snow on the 2nd snow day of school.


And for the hopeful-lasts....This month we bought diapers for the girls for the last time! In February Lee is taking off a week of work and he is potty-training Shanna and I am potty-training Haley. They will be 3 months shy of their 3rd birthday at that point. I am hoping we luck out like we did with Clark and Cal and get them potty-trained in a week! This will be the first time since May 2nd 2007 that we will have just one kid in diapers!

And the next BIG first AND hopeful-last: kids cutting kids' hair! Cal cut Shanna and Haley's hair last week. Haley's wasn't bad at all. Shanna's....well, I have to fix her hair in a weird way. So if Haley's hair looks great and Shanna's doesn't, now you know why!

Other than the two snow days, the main happening of last week was the after-the-holiday cleaning. I miss all of my family that was here! COME BACK!

Oh, I did get a new calling! I am now the Relief Society Visiting Teaching Coordinator. In our church we get paired up with another lady in the congregation and visit other ladies from church to see how they are doing and share a spiritual message. It's a great way to get to know the women in our church and to find out how we can serve them. I've had many callings in Relief Society--our church's woman's organization, but never this one. There is a new Relief Society Presidency too. Any tips anyone?

One of my freshman roommates (go Ricks College!) gave birth to boy/girl twins today! Little did we know what excitement lay ahead for both of us after missions and college! I hunted her hospital down, and I am excited to call her and find out the wonderful details tomorrow. After I called and found her hospital, I walked upstairs to lay Elden down for the night. As I went in to the girls' room, I thought about how old they are now (2 and 3/4ths, ha ha) and how quickly time goes. My friend sure has a lot ahead of her in caring for two babies, (our first night home from the hospital was a nightmare!) but she is amazing and has an awesome husband, so I am not at all worried. I am so happy for them!


The Letterman's said...

I count so much on my VT coordinator! We have a million changes each month because of being so close to BYU. Stay on top of it and get it done early! This month we meet @ 8:30 until 2 am (little bit of a nightmare) good luck! You'll do great!

Lois said...

That's fun you had snow days! :) I've decided to try and not buy any more diapers for Reed either, we will be doing the potty training at the end of Jan....(maybe) :| :)

JanetinMN said...

Cute pictures!! Sweet family. Baby food is messy. I never did bother with it!

Mari said...

I am with you on the whole baby food thing. That is the one phase I wish I could skip.
I don't think I am buying anymore diapers for Jacob either. He is really interested in the potty and stayed dry for 5 days in a row. Then school started and real life where we actually have to go places. If he doesn't do it soon, I will be cloth diapering until he is ready. I am hoping to be diaper free for a couple of months before the baby comes. Also, love that last picture of Elden. That was one of my favorite shirts for Jacob. :)

Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

Sounds awesome! Kate loves baby food as long as I'm the provider! She has a hard time with Marc. It's so funny. Your kids are growing so fast and they are so beautiful. Elden is looking so great!