Saturday, June 30, 2018

End of June

Summer fun just keeps going!  Lee and I keep looking at houses here and there.  This house picture below is right around the corner from us.  Definitely in need of love and repair.  We always come back to the same conclusion...we just need to save more money!  But lately we have been spending it on travel, ha ha, which has been great!
June 20 2018

After we returned home from Alaska Reed, Blake and Rhett came and spent a couple of days with us. The library is always a fun place to visit.
June 21 2018 (2)

Can't forget the pool!
June 21 2018

June 22 2018

I took the Heit boys home and my kids to their home so I could go to a friend's sealing in Philadelphia at the temple.  We attended their reception the next night.  SO fun!
June 23 2018 (2)

I thought this was a clever and cute way to "sign" the guest book.
June 23 2018

June 23 2018 (3)

The girls participated in a one day Activity Days day-camp.  They loved it!
June 25 2018 (3)

June 25 2018 (4)

June 25 2018 (5)

June 25 2018 (6)

I visited my friend for a little and the boys built quite the tower! We tried to take a picture of it before it fell.
June 25 2018 (7)

Haley did lots of fun food creations and such this summer.  Like this.
June 26 2018 (2)

June 27 2018 (5)

June 27 2018

June 26 2018 (3)

Cal somehow ended up with a lot of M&Ms and made a "world".
June 26 2018 (4)

And I got this for two of our friends.  (One for each!)  I knew we'd be going to a joint birthday party for them and saw this soap in Alaska.  The perfect gift, haha.
June 29 2018 (2)

Oh and yeah, by the way we did some built ins!  We love them!  It was a much slower process than we anticipated, but isn't that how all home projects go?!  I do wish we would have done cabinets all along the base.  We could change it but who would want to do that?  We bought the bookshelves at IKEA which Lee assembled, and the base cabinets at Home Depot already assembled. Then Lee secured everything to the wall/studs.  Then added some boards up the middle back, trim everywhere, and custom cut a top for the cabinets.  I caulked and painted trim everywhere and stained the custom top for the cabinets.
June 29 2018 (3)

June 30 218

We are SOO happy with how it turned out.  The family room actually feels bigger.  Weird, right?  Oh Lee also added this awesome floating shelf (with the ukulele on it).  It's just a stained 2x6.  We put two in Clark's room as well.  Love them. We got the tutorial here.  FYI, we don't put anything heavy on these shelves.
July 1 2018

July 2 2018 (2)

July 1 2018 (3)

Clark got these glasses in Nicaragua.  They keep resurfacing and my kids like to wear them for a few seconds...
June 30 2018

Since the girls had some fun with cake making, Cal and Elden wanted in on the action too and did a Star Wars cake.
June 27 2018 (2)

June 27 2018 (8)

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