Friday, June 8, 2018

End of School-YAY!

One of the best parts of the year ending!  Lots of activities with the end of school, plus getting ready for  Hawaii/Alaska.

I pulled the girls out of school early to get our nails done one afternoon.  It was so fun!  I have never had my nails or toenails done.  So the girls and I went for the first time together!
June 4 2018 (2)

June 1 2018 (15)

Haley's nails.
June 4 2018 (3)

June 4 2018 (4)

June 4 2018 (9)

June 4 2018 (11)

Finding fun vehicles at Walmart.
June 4 2018

One morning Lee and I went golfing which was really fun.  We went the wrong way though. Oops!  In our defense the paths were not marked clearly.
June 5 2018 (2)

June 5 2018 (3)

June 5 2018

I got the top stained!  I should have done it before Lee installed it, but at that time I was going to paint it white.  I decided though that a contrast in color would be great, plus the wood grain showing through would be fun as well. So I stained it.
June 5 2018 (6)

Time for packing clothes and food for our big trip!  Normally I let the kids pack their clothes and rarely do I check what they bring.  Sometimes I tell them certain things to bring or I pick out Sunday clothes or something.  I love that they pack their own stuff.  But for this trip I told them I was going to pack. Need to bring yummy snacks as well!
June 5 2018 (7)

This is what getting ready for a two week trip looks like.....
June 5 2018 (8)

We brought lots of snacks and cereal with us.  It's cheaper to buy stuff here and just bring it.  Next time I'll have just a suitcase dedicated to this stuff. Lots of learning from this trip!
June 5 2018 (9)

But I managed to pack clothes for Hawaii and Alaska for each kid PLUS snacks and food for certain things.  I got lots of stuff in their suitcases.  I wish we would have brought our Camelbaks though.  Next time.  They got to pack their own backpack.  They just had to bring a quart bag in their backpack with liquid stuff in it.
June 5 2018 (10)

June 5 2018 (11)

Yep, we're that healthy, organic family. 
June 5 2018 (12)

Lee also worked on the trim for the media center.  He figured out some cool cuts to make everything look great!
June 6 2018 (3)

Back to my packing....
June 6 2018 (4)

Haley spotted these cute luggage tags. Very appropriate!
June 6 2018 (5)

I let Cal skip the last day of school.  Here he is!  Done with 7th grade.  YAY!  It was funny calling in the last day telling the school that Cal wasn't going to be there.  They wanted to know why and I of course didn't have a good answer.  I said "family reasons". 
June 6 2018 (6)

Haley got a nasty rash of poison ivy.  We should have been better at helping her manage it.
June 6 2018 (7)

Shanna and Haley had their big 5th grade celebration.  They received several awards for grades, being library helpers, Choir, AR reading, Character Counts, Physical Fitness award, etc.  Very fun.
June 6 2018 (8)

June 6 2018 (9)

June 6 2018 (10)

Still young, but growing up!
June 6 2018 (12)

June 6 2018 (13)

Their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Thompson.
June 6 2018 (14)

The girls stayed after for a big party with food, dancing and pictures.  They had a ton of fun. I went home and got ready for Cal's birthday party!
June 6 2018 (17)

Remember the limo ride?  They made it into the paper!
June 6 2018 (21)

All of our boarding passes, just to get to Hawaii.  I should have done the app on my phone.  Oh well.
June 7 2018 (10)

The last day of school for the other kids!  Oh, Clark was done a week early and hung out at home that last week.
June 7 2018 (2)

Clark and I stained his shelves and Lee and Clark hung them.  It looks pretty good!
June 7 2018 (11)

Elden's last day of school!  The girls did fun things all day with the 5th graders and I met up with Elden at the award ceremony.  I came late because I thought they did the lower grades first.  But I missed two awards that Elden received at the beginning.  Then when they were doing the 3rd grade honor roll they did not call up Elden.  I guessed that he didn't make it, but after emailing his teacher found out he was supposed to go up.  Ugh.  I was so tired and had so much to do, it was frustrating.  And my fault as I should have been on time to the assembly.  Then later that day I missed the bus send-off as well. 
June 7 2018 (12)

It was not a very happy day for me.  But we went to the pool and relaxed so that was nice.  Two friends came along which was really fun.
June 7 2018

June 7 2018 (14)

June 7 2018 (15)

June 7 2018 (16)

June 7 2018 (17)

We hit up Speedway for some icees and also went to a park.
June 7 2018 (21)

Tree branch swinging at the park!
June 7 2018 (23)

June 7 2018 (24)

June 7 2018 (25)

Lee even bought me flowers, which was super sweet and much appreciated.  I need to get better at being on time to things!  Thankfully not all days are bad days.

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