Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mississippi & Zombies

I'd been thinking about going to Mississippi in October and decided to go down one weekend when Clark, Cal and Lee went to a Zomberee at Camp Shenandoah. The bonus was that school was out Friday so the rest of the kids only missed school on Monday. 

We headed out early Friday morning to Vicksburg around 5am.  Haley got a fun picture of the sunrise.
Oct 14 2016

We arrived around 6:30, 7:00pm at their house.  Lena didn't know that we were coming and gave her a big surprise.  It was so fun!  The kids had fun with the cousins and did some night jumping on the trampoline.
Oct 14 2016 (7)

More jumping the next day.
Oct 15 2016 (7)

It's always fun being with nieces and nephews!
Oct 15 2016 (13)

Lillie warmed up to me and I LOVED it.
Oct 15 2016 (27)

Oct 15 2016 (59)

Oct 15 2016 (60)

They have a steep hill behind their house and then across the street too.  But it's awesome for sleds! 
Oct 15 2016 (61)

Oct 15 2016 (72)

Lena surprised me about bought a lot chicken and helped me can it!!!  Her bottled chicken is SO good.  I haven't canned anything since I was at home in high school.  We also were able to make a lot of chicken stock too.  It's been so yummy using the chicken and chicken stock at home! I am thinking about going to Vicksburg this coming summer and I want to bottle more chicken.
Oct 15 2016 (116)

I saw this in the fridge and I thought it was hilarious!
Oct 15 2016 (117)

Baby Steven is so cute and not so much a baby anymore!
Oct 15 2016 (118)

Oct 15 2016 (119)

We had a nice visit in Vicksburg and were home by the afternoon (well, before dinner).  Elden was so excited to see Cal.  It was super cute.
Oct 15 2016 (120)

While we were away in Vicksburg playing with cousins, Lee and the boys enjoyed being at the Zombie Camporee.  Camp fires are always fun.
Oct 14 2016 (5)

Lee and another dad from the ward were the leaders for the weekend campout.  They planned out some fun food, and the other dad made stew that evening.
Oct 14 2016 (6)

There were a lot of activities that weekend, and team building activities. 
Oct 15 2016 (2)

Oct 15 2016 (3)

Oct 15 2016 (8)

Here is one of the zombies from the campout. Kind of creepy!
Oct 15 2016 (19)

This activity looked hard. 
Oct 15 2016 (20)

Oct 15 2016 (22)

Oct 15 2016 (41)

Oct 15 2016 (52)

Lee thought this was funny. 
Oct 15 2016 (64)

There were a ton of fun pictures, but I didn't post them all. Lee will have to jump on and post more if he wants.

I have been teaching the cooking merit badge to the scouts.  One night I planned a food relay race and the boys had to eat whatever was in the bag. It was kind of funny.
Oct 19 2016 (4)

Random ice cream cone picture...
Oct 20 2016 (9)

Haley had her friend Aleah over one afternoon.  It's funny how Aleah and Haley look more similar than Shanna and Haley.
Oct 21 2016

We had a trip up to the temple and the kids
Oct 22 2016 (6)

One fall afternoon we went to a park on a bike ride.  It was a lot of fun.  There is a fun BMX track there too. 
Oct 24 2016 (6)

Oct 24 2016 (11)

Oct 24 2016 (12)

Oct 24 2016 (14)

Oct 24 2016 (17)

Oct 24 2016 (18)

Fall was so gorgeous here.  It was really warm in general and just soooo nice out!  I love the warmth.  I'm not looking forward to the winter settling in. 

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