Friday, November 11, 2016

Fall Arrived!

And just like that it's now fall!  Well, has been for a long time now....

As I mentioned earlier Shanna ran for treasurer for the Student Council Association.  Here she is by her poster. 

She had to give a speech in front of most of the student body.  Considering we didn't work on it, she did pretty well.  Sadly she wasn't voted in, but she was excited she gets to be on the council regardless.
Sept 19 2016

Our actual anniversary day came.  Lee had a few fun presents for, a purse and a fun necklace. I got him one thing: a wallet.  So creative of me!
Sept 21 2016

I love this necklace!  It has an initial for each of my kids.  The lighting is weird in the picture, making the circles look aged, which they don't look like in real life. I've had fun wearing it many times already.
Sept 22 2016

Field trip season is in full swing too.  Elden and I went to Carter Mountain where they have an apple orchard and a vineyard.  So pretty up there!
Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (2)

Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (3)

Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (4)

Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (5)

Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (7)

I thought this was funny.  Isn't it illegal to make moonshine? Not sure about that as I don't drink alcohol, but I really thought it was. 
Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (9)

It's a LONG bus ride to Carter Mountain, over an hour.  These two were tuckered out.
Sept 23 2016 Carter Mountain Orchard 2nd grade (10)

The Washington, D.C. temple was closed for maintenance in September so we headed to the Raleigh Temple that month.  It works great because we got to spend the weekend with brother Daniel and his family.  And we got to see our good friends that moved away, boo hoo!  So great to see Risa and her family.  Funny enough we were next door neighbors way back at Ricks College!  Years later we ended up in the same ward.
Sept 24 2016 (2)

Clark and his cousin Anthon.  They are both getting so tall!
Sept 24 2016 (3)

Sept 24 2016 (4)

We brought our bikes down and went on a fun bike ride on the greenway, about 10 miles I think!
Sept 24 2016 (6)

Sept 24 2016 (7)

Sept 24 2016 (8)

Sept 24 2016 (9)

Sept 24 2016 Raleigh Greenway (2)

Sept 24 2016 Raleigh Greenway

Sept 24 2016 Raleigh Greenway (3)

That night Shanna, Haley and I attended the General Women's Session with Amy and her daughters.  They had fun little service projects lined up before the broadcast, and pie for dessert.  We thought they were serving dinner like last year, but nope.  We were pretty hungry!  The broadcast was really good, but sadly I was in and out the last talk or two.  I am reading them right now though.
Sept 24 2016 (10)

This is out of order, but on our trip up....ahh sisterly and brotherly love....
Sept 24 2016

On the way home we brought another passenger with us: my Grandma Ruth's sewing machine and table!  I don't want the sewing machine, but I love the table! I am going to sand it down and restain it.
Sept 25 2016

For our pack meeting in September we did bottle rockets.  I procrastinated, like I almost always do, and looked up the day before on how to make a bottle rocket launcher.  I started getting really stressed.  There was no way I could make one, let alone be done by the next day!  Lee came to the rescue and made one for me!  And it worked great.
Sept 28 2016

I bought 15 bottles of pop and let my kids go to town drinking it after school.  Next time I'll just have each cub bring their own pop bottle.  They decorated the bottles then launched them.  They went over 50 feet in the air.  It was pretty sweet!
Sept 24 2016 Raleigh Greenway (5)

Sept 24 2016 Raleigh Greenway (7)

Sept 24 2016 Raleigh Greenway (9)

One night for family home evening Shanna showed us how to dye our hair with food coloring.  Lee especially was intrigued.
Sept 26 2016 (2)

Sept 26 2016 (3)

We started on more home projects!  The last big one: our bedroom and the upstairs floor.  I was dreading doing this room because of all the nooks and crannies. But Lee helped me paint it which was a HUGE help.  We are really slow getting everything back in place but maybe soon we'll have "reveal" pictures!
Sept 27 2016 (2)

The kids received some fun postcards in the mail from my parents who are serving a mission in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sept 27 2016 (4)

For some random snippets.......The kids enjoyed the many nights of soccer.  I enjoyed that Lee took them! 
Sept 27 2016

Shanna participated in "dress-like-a-cow" at school one day.
Sept 28 2016 (2)

This shirt reminded my of Lois.  This is one of her favorite sayings.
Sept 28 2016 (3)

Clark was quoted in the newspaper about his music technology class.  He and Cal have created some fun songs.
Sept 28 2016 (4)

And here is the room all primed and ready to get two coats of paint.
Sept 29 2016 (2)

These are all EMPTY caulk tubes.  EMPTY my friends.  This is what I used just in my bedroom alone.  Lots of gaps!
Sept 29 2016 (7)

One date night Cal had with Lee they played a game he created...and had cookie dough for dessert.  I admit we eat raw cookie dough.  I LOVE the stuff.  Thankfully we have powered eggs for the times when the kids want cookie dough for their date dessert.
Sept 29 2016 (8)

My bread over-rose when I was up painting one afternoon.
Sept 30 2016 (2)

Shanna switched out the front tire on her bike and put on a small one.  So hilarious!
Sept 30 2016 (3)

These two are quite the buddies and I love it. 
Sept 30 2016

Happy Fall!

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