Tuesday, July 5, 2016


We are having a nice summer and have kept plenty busy!  In June we finally got around to putting out new mulch.  Our snow shovels came in handy.June 16 2016 (2)

We actually had too much mulch.  Eventually we bagged up the extra and put on the side of the road.  Haley put a "free" sign on one of the bags, and someone came by and took them! 
June 16 2016

One morning we met up with my friend Brittany at the local children's museum. She had extra passes and it was sweet of her to get us in.  The kids had fun playing and I enjoyed a fun visit with Brittany.
June 17 2016 (2)

June 17 2016 (3)

June 17 2016 (4)

Our first summer trip came!  The kids and I went to Mississippi.  Clark was going to miss scout camp here due to family reunions, so he went to camp with his cousin and uncle. 
June 18 2016

It was a double bonus going to Mississippi for me because I got to spend the week at my sister Lena's house.  I loved being there and my kids had a great time too.  I think we might make a yearly pilgrimage there!
June 18 2016 (2)

Happy Father's Day Lee!  We celebrated a week early, but here are the kids on Father's Day down in Mississippi.
June 19 2016

While at Lena's I helped paint the girls' room.
June 20 2016 (2)

June 20 2016 (3)

We picked blueberries one morning.
June 21 2016

Pictures are out of order, and I don't want to switch them.  But more painting! I admit, I have a hard time painting with kids.  But we let them paint a little.
June 20 2016 (4)

June 20 2016 (5)

Lena and her cute baby Steven.
June 20 2016 (6)

Right across the street from Lena's is a park.  There is also a SUPER steep hill.  Perfect for sledding down in the summer!
June 20 2016 (7)

June 20 2016 (8)

June 20 2016 (9)

Elden and Keith had a blast together.
June 20 2016

Okay, back to blueberries.  A retired dentist planted a bunch of blueberry bushes.  You can go there and pick them, and then just leave the money in a box outside.  We did meet the dentist at one point that morning.
June 21 2016 (2)

June 21 2016 (3)

June 21 2016 (4)

June 21 2016 (5)

June 21 2016 (6)

June 21 2016 (7)

One afternoon, I think Tuesday, I heard that Mike's bike was not working properly due to a mishap Monday morning. I offered to take a bike out to scout camp so he could use it.  Some of Lena's kids tagged along which was fun.  Mike (Lena's husband) is the scoutmaster and does such a terrific job.
June 21 2016 (8)

June 21 2016 (9)

This scout camp is ranked about #8 in the USA.  It is so cool.  I'm glad Clark had the opportunity to go there.
June 21 2016 (10)

Back to painting!
June 21 2016 (11)

June 21 2016 (12)

We went swimming twice.  It was so fun.  Their pool is awesome. Since it is small they lifeguards let you do fun things that you normally couldn't do at a pool....like go down the slide backwards.  And the pool water is WARM!  It was soooo nice.  Loved going there.
June 21 2016 (13)

Keith bought ice pops for a lot of people.  So sweet of him.  You can buy them for $0.25 each.
June 21 2016 (14)

June 21 2016 (15)

June 21 2016 (16)

June 21 2016 (17)

One night I finished up the girls' room.
June 21 2016 (18)

Lena has some fun garden boxes in her yard.  We spend about a 1/2 hour out there one morning helping out. I enjoyed delicious tomatoes from her garden while I was there.
June 22 2016 (2)

One afternoon we went downtown.  There is a Mississippi River museum, with a river boat that you can tour.
June 22 2016 (3)

June 22 2016 (4)

June 22 2016 (5)

June 22 2016 (7)

Lena can do some awesome hair-dos.
June 22 2016 (9)

Isn't this so cute?!
June 22 2016 (10)

June 22 2016 (11)

After the museum we went to a store...can't remember the name.
June 22 2016 (13)

June 22 2016 (14)

It was an local artist store, plus a thrift store.
June 22 2016 (15)

I bought my sister Deb a cheese platter and dome. 
June 22 2016 (16)

June 22 2016 (17)

Next up, the Catfish splash park.
June 22 2016 (18)

June 22 2016 (19)

June 22 2016 (20)

June 22 2016 (21)

The other awesome thing about visiting Lena is terrific food.  Every morning we had something hot and homemade.  The morning after picking blueberries she made these beauties.
June 22 2016

Thursday afternoon Lena and I went to the Mad Baker.  We met up with a friend from church, Ashley Mitchell.  She and I knew each other in our ward in Missouri while we were stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.  Small world!
June 23 2016 (2)

The blueberry dessert wasn't that great.  I really liked the flaky pecan roll thing on the left though....
June 23 2016 (3)

More hair dos!
June 23 2016

The girls' room!  The paint is not this green.....see prior pictures for paint color.  And the trim and ceiling look so great with a fresh coat of white paint.
June 24 2016 (2)

June 24 2016 (3)

We went to family day at the scout camp.  Lena saw that her Chick-fil-A was giving out free cones if you said "Happy First Day of Summer!" to the cashier.  Nice!
June 24 2016 (4)

June 24 2016 (5)

June 24 2016 (6)

That morning and afternoon before we left I caulked and then starting priming the hallway.  I was really into a groove, and was sad to not have finished more.  I am slow at painting, but did make some progress...more than shown here. 
June 24 2016

Thanks Lena for the terrific visit!  It was lovely.  The week was 99% technology free too for the kids and that was super nice. 


Lena said...

Glad you could make it. Come again!

Mari said...

Come back soon! I would love to see you!