Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clark Scout Camp 2016

Clark attended his first scout camp!  Clark's birthday isn't till the end of July.  Last year he was 11 when scout camp happened and I didn't even try to have him go.  We could have but I wanted one last summer of no obligations. 

Clark had a terrific time at scout camp.  He got to go to one of the top ten scout camps in the USA--Hood Scout Reservation in Mississippi. He went with his cousin Ethan, and uncle Mike.  Clark earned 6 merit badges!  Happy dance for mom!!!
20160620-25 Scout Camp-056

The water activities were pretty amazing.
20160620-25 Scout Camp-062

Clark welding.
20160620-25 Scout Camp-087

The dining hall.  I heard the food wasn't so great.....
20160620-25 Scout Camp-121

Electricity merit badge.
20160620-25 Scout Camp-156

20160620-25 Scout Camp-235

The infamous gaga pit! Clark's favorite activity there.
20160620-25 Scout Camp-288

20160620-25 Scout Camp-472

20160620-25 Scout Camp-490

20160620-25 Scout Camp-499

See the yellow/blue inflated thing?  It's called a blob.  First a person jumps down and climbs to the end.
June 24 2016 (10)

June 24 2016 (11)

The a second person jumps down and the person on the end shoots up into the air and lands in the water.
20160620-25 Scout Camp-593

20160620-25 Scout Camp-596

20160620-25 Scout Camp-610

As I mentioned earlier, we went to family day...for the evening....
June 24 2016 (7)

June 24 2016 (12)

June 24 2016 (13)

I must say, I love how Keith is so great for pictures.  What a cute smile...the cute boy on the bottom right.
June 24 2016 (14)

June 24 2016 (15)

Since we hadn't heard good things about the food and didn't want to pay $6 a person to eat there, Lena put together a delicious taco dinner that we had at the troop's campsite.  We stayed for the evening awards program and firepit ceremony....not sure about the titles of the activities that evening.... It was fun seeing the boys getting recognized and seeing the skits.
June 24 2016 (17)

We arrived back to Lena's late (I went the wrong way, blah).  Cal helped up pack up and I went to bed at about 12:30.  I woke up early the next morning...4:30? to head to North Carolina.  Rebecca and Kirsten came with us.

At one stop we got ice cream cones at a gas station.  Cal was eating his cone and look what was inside! A half of a cone with a wrapper on it.  So weird!
June 25 2016

Oh, back to scout and Clark.
June 24 2016 (18)

I was nervous about the drive because I didn't get much sleep the night before.  But the drive was just fine!  I didn't feel drowsy or tired at all.  We headed straight to Raleigh to see my brother Daniel and two of his kids in the pageant, Savior of the World.  They did such a nice job.  You can see this at Temple Square I believe during Christmas time.  But as far as I know, stakes can put it on too.  They did a lovely job.
June 25 2016 (2)

June 25 2016 (7)

Ila and Lizzy were in the pageant and did so well!
June 25 2016 (9)

We spent the night at Daniel's and left early the next morning, about 5am, to head home.  We surprised Lee!  We were going to go to church with Daniel and his family but the kids wanted to go home.  After thinking about it I figured it was a good idea too since we had bikes on the bike rack and their Sunday clothes were buried.  Plus we all needed showers.  We were able to get ready at home and go to church with Lee.

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