Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Spring Break!  You know, we never had spring break growing up, and when I went to college at Ricks then BYU, they didn't have spring break either.  It's been a whole new idea to me since my kids started school.  I must say, it sure is nice having a break from the demands of school.  But it would be even better to just bypass it and finish off the school year earlier. 

This year Reed and my kids had spring break the same week.  The way our schedules worked out, it lined up perfectly to take Lois and her kids home with us after our Easter weekend at her home.  We left Sunday night from her place and spent a low-key week at my house.  Monday morning Lois and I hit up the 50% off sale of Easter candy.  We hadn't done our Easter Egg hunt yet, so I needed candy for that.  Plus I bought extra candy for our trips this summer.  Peanut M&Ms are a staple roadtrip treat.
March 27 2016 Easter (12)

Monday night some friends came over for dinner and Family Home evening.  We loved spending some time with the Weilers. Tuesday night we went up to Shenandoah National Park.  We enjoyed foil dinners and hanging out.  We cooked them a little longer than necessary and Rhett's was pretty much all black.
March 29 2016 Spring Break (3)

March 29 2016 Spring Break (4)

March 29 2016 Spring Break (5)

March 29 2016 Spring Break (6)

March 29 2016 Spring Break (7)

March 29 2016 Spring Break (8)

One night I was coming back from something and snapped this picture while at a light.  Aren't those car lights creepy??
March 30 2016

One afternoon we spent a little time at a park.
March 31 2016 Spring Break

Friday was a bit warmer so slurpees and a walk were in order.  We were going to play at a playground but it started raining and we wimped out.
April 1 2016 Spring Break

We did a few other things like go to the library and watch some Fixer Upper episodes.  Lee stayed very busy at work--we're glad he could enjoy the evenings with us. 

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