Monday, April 18, 2016

Side Table Makeover

I did a little project around here.  It's been awhile!  When Lee bought the optometry "practice" from Dr. Downey, Lee also purchased some furniture.  The first three months that Lee's practice was open was at Dr. Downey's old office building.  Lee switched locations and when he did, he left some of the things he purchased at Dr. Downey's office building.  Recently we met up with Dr. Downey at his building to get our things out of his building.  One of these items was this table. 

April 5 2016 (3)

April 5 2016 (2)
Lee has it in the back of his van and brought it into the house one day.  I wanted a side table in between our sitting chairs.  I found an expensive one online that I was going to buy, but it was sold out. When I saw this table I got an idea of what to do with it.

April 5 2016
My idea came from Jen over at iHeart Organizing when she made some lazy Susan's for her corner cabinets. Click here to see.  We bought a common round at Home Depot.  With tax, this piece of wood was just over $6.  Sweet! I thought a circle top would work best for a side table as the space between the chairs is narrow.  Also, it would mimic the circle patterns in our rug. 

April 5 2016 (4)
It was easy enough for Lee to unscrew and remove the old top, then mark and screw on the new one. I should have stained it off of the base, but I thought it would be easier to stain the round if it was on something, so I wouldn't have to hold it.

April 5 2016 (7)
Shanna loves jumping in and helping with projects.

April 5 2016 (9)
I have three different colors of stain.  The first coat we put was Walnut.  I think there is a tad of red in this stain, which I didn't want, so the second stain color I put on was Jacobean.  Both Minwax colors. Maybe too matchy matchy, but Jacobean is the stain color on our floor too.

April 5 2016 (10)
I then put on four coats of polycrylic. I love how it turned out! I love the base too.  So unique.

April 7 2016 (5)
I found this cute candle holder in the Target dollar area ($3).  I thought it would work great to set a pint jar inside, then fill with flowers.

April 7 2016 (2)
So to do a little reveal of this space, I tried to find a picture of our old couch that we got rid of last November. It was hard finding a decent picture!  But here is a general idea.  Just an old couch, no rug.  Plus in the meantime, Lee re-hung the curtain rods so they are even higher.  (I then had to add extra fabric to the curtains too.) This is Christmas of 2014.

And....ta-da!  Our new sitting area!  Well, it's been in the works for the past few months.

April 8 2016 (7)
The candle holder worked great for flowers!

April 8 2016 (6)

April 8 2016 (5)

April 8 2016 (4)
I loved how it turned out!

April 8 2016 (3)
Also, a little change I made was to some vent covers in our family room.  This one looked horrible.  You can't really tell, but it's dented and a bit rusted. I found one on Amazon and loved it. Look below.

April 5 2016 (5)
Ahhh, so much better right?  I went online and bought one more that same day because I forgot that the family room had two vents.

April 5 2016 (6)

I haven't replaced the ones on the wood floor yet, but figured I would go ahead and see if I liked the look.

April 8 2016 (2)
Oh yes. Love it.  I am going to order four more next month to replace the old ones.  I think I will keep the old vent covers on the tile though, because the colors go together really well.

April 8 2016
So many more things to do to our house, but little updates can add a lot!  Oh, and isn't this picture so cute?  Haley drew this for Rhett.  And if you look under the BYU packing tape, she did spell his name correctly.  Rhett and Haley have a special bond.  So cute.

April 7 2016


Andrew Bosley said...

Ruth, your sitting area looks so great! House projects are so fun--I can't wait to see more!

Nostrebor said...

You're becoming quite the interior designer! Nice work!

Sam and Carmin said...

Beautiful job on the updating of your sitting area! It looks beautiful, and so much satisfaction to know it was your very own creation. I wish we were neighbors again, Ruth! You truly inspire me.