Thursday, April 7, 2016

Conference Weekend

It's that time of year again!  Conference Weekend!  Twice a year our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds a world-wide conference where we can hear uplifting messages from our church leaders, and most importantly, our Prophet Thomas S. Monson.  My kids look forward to this weekend, as do Lee and I.  We don't have a lot of traditions during this weekend, but we do repeat of couple of things.  One is to have candy during each session of conference.  Since I was out of town the Saturday before Easter, we never had an Easter egg hunt.  It worked out to buy candy half-off after Easter, and hold the egg hunt in between the sessions of conference on Saturday.  Lois and her kids were still with us and Jeff joined us as well the night prior.  We filled over 300 eggs.  I love having lots of Easter eggs!  It took us longer to spread them out on the lawn than for the kids to snatch them all up!

April 2 2016 Spring Break (2)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (4)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (5)
We let Rhett get 10 eggs first, then let Blake and Elden grab some eggs.  Finally, after an eternity, the other kids were allowed out and about.
April 2 2016 Spring Break (7)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (8)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (9)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (10)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (11)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (12)
The beginning of the second session.  Our family room looked like this pretty much the whole time during conference.
April 2 2016 Spring Break (14)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (15)

April 2 2016 Spring Break (16)

We enjoyed some yummy eats that weekend too. A lady in our Financial Peace University class made guacamole for our class celebration and I asked her for the recipe.  She told me the ingredients and made some for us on Saturday.  Yum yum!
April 2 2016 Spring Break
Another tradition now is to order pizza for dinner after the second session on Saturday.  By the time the Priesthood session rolls around it seems like there isn't much time do to anything dinner wise. 
April 2 2016 Spring Break (17)

I guess our conference traditions revolve around food, because one more is to have a dessert when the guys get home from the Priesthood session.  Priesthood session is for the guys ages 12 and up.  Lee gives me a report of the session and we have a treat and watch a movie.  I made homemade dark chocolate ice cream with homemade brownie chucks.  I have a yummy recipe for homemade brownies, and I'm telling you, they are even that much better when made with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Heavenly! So, for Clark to get in on the homemade treat (everyone else was in bed...Lois had her kids in bed around 8pm...mine took much longer...) he needed to give a report about the Priesthood session.  It was one of the best reports ever.  Loved his humor and how he reported.  So fun.
April 2 2016 Spring Break (18)

Oh, one more of food.  We're not consistent with this one, but we've done it before: homemade wheat waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  Deliciousness!
April 3 2016

I love hearing from our Prophet.  He talked about choosing the harder right than the easier wrong.  He himself is such a great example of this. 
April 3 2016 (2)

April 3 2016 (3)

April 3 2016 (5)

We rarely have jello at our house, but the kids love it.  We had it for dessert Sunday night.  With all the other goodies that weekend, I thought our tummies might thank us.
April 3 2016 (4)

We had a lovely weekend with conference, as always.  I have already gone through and listened to the talks from the General Women's meeting.  They were so good!  We enjoyed have Lois and family here for several days too. 

We've had little sicknesses here and there and last week Haley was home from school.  A benefit of having twins is that the other can bring home the extra school work AND give instruction!  Shanna didn't even need any prompting from me.  Right away she went and found Haley and told her all about the assignments she needed to make up.
April 4 2016

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