Tuesday, December 22, 2015

'Tis the Season!

Wow, December came so quickly!  Just like every other month this year, actually.  Lee and I jumped into December with full force.  We were working on lots and lots of house projects in October and November, with the hopes of having them all done December 1st.  That didn't happen.  But the bulk of them were finished within the following week or so.  I am doing what I said I wouldn't do last year...house projects in December.  My new goal for next is: no house projects in December!

December 1st I headed up to the Baltimore area to help Lois paint her dining room.  It was a deep, dark red.  Sorry, no before pictures except with primer on the wall!  I arrived late, but started priming just a few minutes after walking in the door. 

At one point Lois and I were in the room and Rhett wanted a big roller brush to paint with.  I handed him my small brush to paint with and walked away.  Lois went outside to get a ladder and when I went back to that area saw Rhett's handy work.  He was not happy when I took the brush away.  Sorry kid! 
Dec 1 2015 Rhett

The first brush of color!!!  Lois picked out an awesome gray color. 
Dec 1 2015

Dec 1 2015 (2)

Different lighting, but I LOVE the white trim against the gray!!!  Almost melts my heart......
Dec 1 2015 (3)

Yeah, gushing.  Love it!
Dec 1 2015 (4)

On my way back from Baltimore Lee called me, reminding me we had signed up to ring for the Salvation Army.  Completely forgot!  He and the kids met me at the mall.  A lady in our ward sets this up every year.  I think we've started a new tradition!  One perk to this location is that it's inside!
Dec 1 2015 (5)

Dec 1 2015 (6)

Yeah, we weren't the best bell ringers ever, but practice makes perfect.  We'll try again next year!
Dec 1 2015 (7)

The kids had fun visiting the neighboring book store in between turns.  This illustrated edition of Harry Potter #1 looks soo good!  I hope they do this to all the books.  Though some of those books will be HUGE by the time the illustrator is done!
Dec 1 2015 (8)

Lois has cute prints up in her boys' room and she sent some of the links to me.  I printed off one of them, and some other free prints I found online for Elden's bedroom.
Dec 2 2015 (2)

I think it turned out great!  I will show pictures of Elden's room in an upcoming post.
Dec 5 2015 (3)

The first part of December the holiday cards started coming!  One of my favorite things about the holidays is pictures, updates and cards from family and friends.  I love them! (Especially the updates!)  And "snail" mail is sooo fun to receive.  The first Sunday in December we were able to spend some time with friends that evening and later that night watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  I love that devotional!  I am sad that President Monson didn't speak last year or this year.  I love his Christmas messages.  Though it seems he isn't feeling the best lately, which is understandable.  But, I still miss them!
Dec 3 2015 (2)

At Thanksgiving Lois gave me a Christmas present! An advent calendar that she hand-made.  Isn't it so pretty?!  Our siblings rotate every year for gift giving.  She had me this year and I mentioned this to her...and voila!
Dec 3 2015

We have never done an advent calendar, but we are all really enjoying it.  Best part is that we can use it for years to come!
Dec 8 2015 (4)

Haley built a structure out of Jenga blocks.  Can't remember if it was supposed to be Roman or something else.
Dec 5 2015

Some goodies have come from our neighbors too! Yum! 
Dec 7 2015

Dec 9 2015

And I finally decided on a pair of boots.  They aren't perfect, but I'm hoping I'll like them for a few years at least.  The heels aren't a soft rubber...not sure what to call that...they are hard and click like heels when I walk.  Which I don't like.  They are fairly "dressy" though, and I want to buy more  boots in the future.  My first pair, EVER!
Dec 8 2015 (2)

Cal makes some terrific snowflakes and one night I asked him to make some.  I had a vision of using them for some cute decor.  He happily obliged.
Dec 8 2015 (5)

I love how they look on our privacy windows!
Dec 22 2015 (3)

The gold trees are from Family Dollar...$1 each.  I bought them last year.  I found only 5 gold ones last year.  When I finally got around to buying a 6th one this year, I was too late and couldn't find gold.  I hope they sell them again next year! 
Dec 22 2015 (4)

A couple more shots of holiday decor... (Lee raised the curtain rods...I LOVE it!  I had to lengthen the curtains because of that and added extra fabric to them.)
Dec 8 2015 (6)

Dec 8 2015 (7)

I thought it was funny what Elden had brought to wear to and from school that day.... It's been great weather for the most part this fall and I've enjoyed walking to and from school for drop-off and pick-up for the the kids.  They mostly ride their bikes.  Often Elden just wants to walk.
Dec 9 2015 (2)

I did some organizing and cleaning around here.  This closet is very multipurpose.  There isn't a lot of storage in our house!  It's a closet for linens, games, craft supplies, birthday stuff, and sewing stuff.  It used to also be the closet where I kept all of the bathroom towels and washcloths if you can believe it!  No before picture, but ahhhh...looks so much better!  I should reorganize it more often, but it seems I need to spruce it up about 3 times a year.
Dec 9 2015 (4)

Also exciting is the stuff I tossed out!  YAY! A nice little pile for this closet.
Dec 9 2015 (3)

We saw these cute little Santa hats at a store.  Cal talked me into buying one for his stuffed Enderman Minecraft toy.  Its name is "End-y".  Fits Endy perfectly. I bought one for my niece to put on her bitty baby, but I think it's too small.  I am sure Maggie will find some toy to put it on! 
Dec 9 2015 (5)

We are all so excited that Christmas is around the corner!


Cardiganwearer said...

You're house is looking great, Ruth!

andyandsteph said...

Love all of your Christmas decorations! Maggie is having fun with the Santa hat. She puts it on different stuffed animals. It's so cute :-)

Deb B said...

I love your curtains! What a fun post! That's great that you rang the bell right after painting!