Friday, December 25, 2015

Shanna & Haley's Room

A few months ago we switched rooms around and the girls moved up to the play room.  The girls and Elden were getting too old to share a room.  When we moved them in we didn't do a very good job. It was more of a "let's-throw-their-stuff-in-the-room" move.  Lee spent a few hours in there one afternoon organizing stuff a couple weeks after. But the girls had too much junk and stuff in their room to ever make it look good.  We decided to re-do their room. Once we had enough money for the project, we did just that!  These pictures are from the night I started moving stuff out of their room so I could paint it.  It was such a disaster! 
Oct 27 2015 Girl Reno

Oct 27 2015 Girl Reno (2)

Oct 27 2015 Girl Reno (3)

Oct 27 2015 Girl Reno (4)

Oct 27 2015 Girl Reno (5)

Oct 27 2015 Girl Reno (6)

So lovely, right?  Those pictures are embarrassing to share, but that is what the room looked liked!  And it reinforced to me yet again, it is hard to take care of a space that is not properly organized and cared for.  Meaning if the space isn't loved by those who live in it, they won't take care of it!  Having a cute, nice space definitely helps with that!

Ready to paint.
Oct 28 2015

Starting with primer!  It took me several hours to prime and paint.  In between priming and painting I had to caulk all the paneling seams and gaps in the room.  I went through 4 tubes of caulking.  It was such a huge project that I am dreading painting and caulking my bedroom and laundry room. 
Oct 28 2015 1

Our friends gave us the matching bed frames and beds!  The black one I painted white. And I gave the white one a coat of white too as it was more of an off-white color.
Oct 28 2015 Girl Room (2)

Oct 28 2015 Girl Room (3)

Oct 28 2015 Girl Room (4)

Oct 28 2015 Girl Room (5)

Oct 28 2015 Girl Room

Lee put in all new outlets. 
Nov 5 2015 (2)

Nov 5 2015

Ah, so much better!
Nov 5 2015 (4)

I should have taken a before picture, but I redid the girl's nightstands too.  Someone gave them to us for free in Missouri.  I wanted to get rid of them, but after looking online and thinking of the added cost for buying two night stands, I decided to keep them.  They had stickers and marker and sticky stuff all over them.  Shanna and Haley helped me scrub them down. I primed and painted them, and painted the drawer pulls.  I also didn't want to keep them because they are made of MDF, not nice "real" wood.  But, they look pretty good after a facelift! 
Nov 10 2015 (2)

I found some cute, inexpensive contact paper at Family Dollar!
Nov 12 2015 (2)

Nov 12 2015 (3)

Nov 11 2015 (2)

It was tight working in the room the whole time because there were so many things we left in the room.  Mainly because everything needed to be repainted--their beds, the book shelf, and their little table.
Nov 10 2015

Another project for the room was their closet.  It had one of those sliding accordion metal/grass/woven things. ???  Lee took down the hardware up top so I could paint.
Nov 10 2015 (3)

We bought a bi-fold door to put in.  Two problems with it: it wasn't wide enough and it was too tall.
Nov 10 2015 (4)

After cutting off the end of the door and having to configure the bottom of the door (I can explain it to you in real life if you're confused) this is what we were left with.
Nov 12 2015 (4)

After finally figuring out what to do, Lee added extra wood to the edge and screwed it into the wall.  To cover the filler wood, Lee cut off a piece of paneling from a sheet of paneling and placed it on top. (We'll use the rest of the paneling to fix spots in the laundry room and our bedroom.)
Nov 12 2015 (5)

Nov 12 2015 (5)

Nov 12 2015 (7)

Nov 12 2015 (8)

My sister Steph mentioned to me about adding trim and I hadn't even thought about that!  But yes, a door needs trim!
Nov 12 2015 (9)

Didn't it turn out so great?!!!
Nov 15 2015 (5)

One of the beds didn't have a box springs so Lee put on together.  We were confused how the box springs came in such a small box.  Well, Lee found needed to be assembled!
Nov 15 2015 (2)

Nov 15 2015 (4)

Nov 15 2015

Nov 15 2015 (3)

We finally put the room together and showed it to the girls.  I didn't want a lot of pink in their bedroom, but it ended up with a lot of pink anyway.  The original bedspreads I bought for the girls did not work with the rug.  When they had their room "reveal" we just left the quilts off their bed.  A few weeks later we finally bought them some different ones. 

They were really excited about their room!


After they initially saw their room, they still weren't moved in, and like I said didn't have a quilt for their beds.  I recently moved their stuff back into their room and organized it and hung their temple pictures. We also got rid of a lot of junk. I have a couple more things to put on their wall, but the room is basically done now! Thanks Hanna for the awesome free prints!  You can find them here.  My niece has them in different colors too.

Here is the official reveal!!!
Dec 22 2015 (28)

So much better!!!
Dec 22 2015 (16)

Dec 22 2015 (12)

Dec 22 2015 (13)

Dec 22 2015 (11)

Dec 22 2015 (10)

Dec 22 2015 (9)

Love the closet door!!!
Dec 22 2015 (8)

Dec 19 2015 (8)

Haley made some cute light bulbs, so I hung them on some twine.
Dec 19 2015 (6)

There is a toy box built in, and all of the play clothes are in there. 
Dec 22 2015 (5)

We are going to redo the floors in their room and the rest of the upstairs the first part of next year.  We'll redo the baseboards then too.  As you can tell Lee put in new blinds in this room too, and actually the rest of our house received all new faux wood blinds (except the laundry room).  They look sooo good!

It's been really easy for the girls to keep their room clean.  Plus it helps that it's a space they loved, that it's organized, and there are fewer items in the room too!  Love de-junking.  We are really happy with how the space turned out!  Just a couple more things to hang, floors and baseboards to redo and it will be "done" for the time being.  I'll have to redo our room pretty soon, because right now the girls have the nicest bedding in the house!  Well, Elden's bedding is pretty cozy too. It's been fun redoing so many things in our house this fall/winter.  Lots of work and money too....ha ha. 


BWei said...

It looks AWESOME!!!!

Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

I love how you reused many items and painted them. Looks beautiful! Way to go Ruth!

Lena said...

So nice. Love it!!!

Deb B said...

The room looks SO beautiful!!!!! My studio looked like their bedroom, and we are making progress their as well!!!!

Love you!!!! You are awesome and inspiring as usual!!!!!!