Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend.  Growing up my dad always joked that it was Labor Day so we should labor....and we did.  There was some sort of project going on that we would work on together.  We did do much laboring except doing a lot of driving! 

I thought this was a fun outfit Shanna put together.
Sept 4 2015

Friday night we drove up to Darrell's (my brother in Pennsylvania).  We didn't get there till midnight or something.  We slept for a few hours and a little after 3:30 Lee and I, and Lois and Jeff took off to do a session in the Manhattan Temple.  I've wanted to go there and now I have!  We didn't park in the greatest place--it was safe and all--but it wasn't super close to the temple.  We did enjoy walking around NYC in the wee hours of the morning.  The bike rack was on the back of our van which made for an extra $15 charge for parking.  Ugh....
Sept 5 2015

We arrived back at Darrell's around 10:30 ish.  Not bad for a run to the Big Apple! The kids had lots of fun in their pool.
Sept 5 2015 Labor Day (2)

Sept 5 2015 Labor Day (3)

Diving-through-a-floatie was very popular!
Sept 5 2015 Labor Day (4)

Sept 5 2015 Labor Day (5)

Sept 5 2015 Labor Day (6)

Sept 5 2015 Labor Day

Lois and I enjoyed dressing alike for church on Sunday.  We get a kick out of it, and out of other people's reactions. Nope, we're not twins.
Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (2)

Clark and Joseph enjoy hanging out with each other.  Both of them are good kids.  Future missionaries!
Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (3)

Sunday afternoon we went for a walk at a nearby nature center. Rhett has not lost his popularity!
Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (4)

Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (5)

Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (6)

Love it when cousins are best friends.
Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (7)

Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (9)

Cal is getting pretty good at skipping rocks.  I took several movies of Lee through rocks about the size of his hand or larger, and he was able to skip them! 
Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (10)

Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (11)

Sept 6 2015 Labor Day (12)

Monday morning we did a hike which started near a covered bridge.  Lee went on a bike ride that morning and met up with us.
Sept 7 2015 Labor Day (2)

Sept 7 2015 Labor Day

Sept 7 2015 Labor Day (3)

More best friends!  Eric, Cal, Reed.
Sept 7 2015 Labor Day (4)

When the hike was done Lee and I stopped at the delicious Halo Farm to buy some creamy, yummy milk!

Back at the house: even Lee and I got in the pool.  Lee probably more than me.
Sept 7 2015 Labor Day (5)

That evening Darrell grilled burgers for dinner.  They have such a fun back yard with the pool and big back deck.  Tuesday morning we dragged out feet getting everyone off to school and such.  I really started up with the Race for Education too.  The fundraiser was like having a part-time job almost!Yet again, we had a terrific time at Darrell's.  Thanks Stacie and Darrell for hosting us!  It was great that Lois and her family could come too.  Always a good time up in PA.  I'm glad I have family fairly close to me!  It enriches life even more to be with family and spend time with them regularly.

Love the bulletin board the 2nd grade teachers did for the first of the school year.  Such a fun, happy board!
Sept 11 2015

Nothing do to with Labor Day, but for a brief few days, Lee and I contemplated buying a building downtown here.  The price was pretty good, but as you can tell it needed lots of gutting and fixing up...
Sept 12 2015 (2)

Nice bathroom, right?!  Well, about a week after we really thought about buying the building, Lee found out it was under contract.  So, that is off the table.  Someday we'd like Lee to own his own building. 
Sept 12 2015

Hope you had a great Labor Day!  And if you labored, hope you enjoyed some fun recreation time too!

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Deb B said...

So fun! I love the shot you got of Lee. Was that a first time, or did you have him flip into the water over and over again???? Family is a blessing!!!!!