Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Summer Days...

I like to relish in the fact that summer does not end till late September.  The first day of fall wasn't until September 23rd.  I like knowing that we'll still have nice-ish/warm days past August. I much rather be hot than cold any day, thus another reason I love summer so much!

Close to the middle of September we participated in our Stake's Day of service at a local Mennonite church.  Lee worked that day, but the rest of us were at the activity.  The Mennonite church put in a walking path.  We helped level out the gravel they put down on the path.
Sept 12 2015 Stake Day of Service (2)

Sept 12 2015 Stake Day of Service (3)

Sept 12 2015 Stake Day of Service (4)

The kids played too....sometimes in places I didn't agree with!
Sept 12 2015 Stake Day of Service (5)

Sept 12 2015 Stake Day of Service (6)

That night Lee and I went out for dessert at a BBQ restaurant, of all places! We talked about some future financial plans...which some have now since changed, ha ha.
Sept 12 2015 Stake Day of Service (7)

My sister Stephanie came for a visit that weekend.  We loved having her family here!  They are temporarily out East for Andy's new job.  Sadly they will move again in March to Indiana.  My kids sure love having Maggie around.
Sept 13 2015 (2)

That weekend Cal made this awesome sign for Lego.  Isn't it awesome?! He told me this morning (this post is back-dated, so he really said this in October) that he decided he wants to be an architect.  That sounds great Cal!
Sept 13 2015 (3)

Stephanie was so great and did lots of fun things with the girls, like coloring and playing Fancy Nancy games.
Sept 13 2015 (4)

Ms. Maggie!
Sept 13 2015

We had homemade caramel and apples for treat Sunday night.  This particular apple was off of our very own tree!  The tree produced about 10 or so apples this year, with us harvesting nine.  YUM!
Sept 13 2015 (5)

Tuesday the following week I headed up to the DC area to help Steph and Andy move in.  I cleaned for a little bit, then helped Andy unload the POD.  We unloaded it super fast! 
Sept 15 2015 (2)

Just like that it's empty!  I should have taken a picture of it full.  I helped Andy bring in all the furniture too.  I guess I am bragging, huh!
Sept 15 2015 (3)

Later that same week we took a bike ride to DQ.  The kids still had free ice cream cone coupons from the library summer reading program.  They expired the end of September, so we needed to use them!  Every year I sign up Lois' kids for the reading program too (my librarian doesn't mind).  Her kids of course received coupons too.  Sadly they weren't going to be done anytime soon to redeem them, so we helped out.  Though it would have been more fun eating ice cream with you Lois!
Sept 17 2015 DQ (2)

Sept 17 2015 DQ

Ahh...summer.  Thankfully it's been a nice fall for the most part!

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Unknown said...

What a great picture of the ice cream cone. You must be having so much fun with Steph so close!!!! I also love Shanna's outfit.