Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lee's 35th Birthday!

Before we head to Lee's big day, a little catch-up is needed.  It seems like we are always busy, and with the start of school things did not slow down!  Well, maybe the first few days were more low-key.  The first part of September I started working on the elementary school's fall fundraiser.  I volunteered to be in charge of it.  Not sure how wise that was....ha ha. 

Our fall fundraiser consists of sending home address labels, asking the parents to write down addresses of family and friends they think will donate to our school.  The parents send the labels back to school, and I send out a form letter that their child has partially filled out, asking those specific people to donate to our school.  The name of the fundraiser is Race for Education. 

It's a great fundraiser for parents...just fill out address labels, and that's it!  It's great for the kids too because if they send in 5 labels, they get a little treat, 10 a treat plus a little prize, 15 all of the others plus ice cream at lunch, 25 all the others plus a chance to throw a "pie" in a teacher's face--or the principal, and 35, all those plus a free t-shirt.  I may have messed up on the amounts or the coordinating prizes, but it's something like that. The student from each grade that brings in the most money (and a good amount of labels) gets to go on a limo ride to lunch with the principal.  Then the class with the most total donations enjoys a few hours at a nearby indoor water park. It took me several hours to organize folders, deliver the letters to the teachers, pick them back up, copy the letter multiple times for each kid, organize the labels by kid, work with the post office to get the bulk mailing figured out.....etc......
Sep 3 2015 (2)

And just because....I copy once a week for some teachers at the school.  Not sure why, but I really enjoy coming in and doing this.  I might even keep coming in even when Elden goes to middle school!
Sep 3 2015

Lee took this picture one morning on his bike ride.  So pretty here.
Sept 1 2015

On to birthday boy!  Lee had a three day birthday celebration since his birthday landed on a Wednesday. (Wednesday we couldn't really plan anything as Lee often will work 7am to 7:30pm, and with scouts and young women's it was just easier to celebrate a different day.)  That Tuesday evening Lee grilled steaks and asparagus for his birthday dinner.  Wednesday he enjoyed cupcakes and birthday wishes from people at work, and of course his family!

The same day as Lee's birthday is Risa's birthday... my good friend pictured on the right of me, below.  What is really fun is that Risa was my next door neighbor at Ricks College.  Who knew we would someday end up in the same church congregation AND have twins!  She and Lee both love cold cereal like no other people I've met.  If you think you love cold cereal, they love it even more.  So much more.  My other good friend, Brittany, has her birthday just a few days after Risa and Lee.  I planned a little pot-luck lunch at a park to celebrate both of their birthdays.  My friend Katherine (yes, another good friend!) was so kind and picked me up that morning from my house.  I was van-less that day because our transmission to our Honda was being fixed.  (Yes, we bit the bullet and paid to have it rebuilt.)

We had a fun time eating and visiting at the park.  It's always fun to celebrate birthdays!
Sept 2 2015 (2)

Look at the cake my talented friend Megan made.  It's soo cute!  It tasted amazing.  Homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate ganache between layers? I can't remember exactly, but it was delicious.  I brought a piece to Lee. 
Sept 2 2015

Now on to Lee's party!  We had his party on Thursday, the 3rd day of the celebrations.  First Clark opened a fun birthday present he received from the Frankes.
Sept 3 2015 (2)

He really likes his game!
Sept 3 2015 (3)

Haley was so sweet and used her own money to buy the noisy whistle things.  I think I bought the party hats to help contribute to the party.  No, I didn't love the noisy whistle things, but she often thinks of others when buying stuff and wanted something fun to share with everyone at Dad's birthday. 
Sept 3 2015 (4)

Checking out the new game.
Sept 3 2015 (5)

I made a chocolate cheesecake for Lee's birthday "cake".  It turned out great.  Shredder was the honorary candle. 
Sept 3 2015 (6)

I love how Haley jazzed up Lee's party hat.
Sept 3 2015 (7)

Lee's team members gave him this card and some cupcakes.  This is the cutest card for an eye doctor!
Sept 4 2015 (8)

Sept 4 2015 (9)

Hope you had a terrific birthday celebration Lee!  We all love you so much!  Lee is such a great help when it comes to chores, helping the kids, fixing things around the house, etc.  It's great being married to my best friend!  You are finally the same age as me.  For a couple months....


Deb B said...

That's so cute! I love the hats that Haley bought, and the picnic in the park looks amazing!
We are so glad that you are married to Lee as well!!!!

Nostrebor said...

Thanks for the birthday post, love you Ruth!