Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of School

Well, the first day of school came!  Thankfully we had an extra week of summer vacation this summer, which was AWESOME!  We spent that time in Mississippi visiting my sister and her family, my parents, and meeting my sister Lena's 8th baby-Steven!

Clark is now a 7th grader!  For some reason him getting older, doesn't phase me too much.  Sometimes I think he's older than he really is.  Not sure how I feel about high school in two years though.....
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School

Clark is the first one to leave in the morning.  What a gorgeous summer morning for a bike ride!

Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (2)

For the second year, the other four kids are in the same school.  I really like that.
Haley is in third!
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (3)

Elden is in first!
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (4)

Cal is our big fifth grader!
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (5)

And Shanna is in fourth!  Just kidding.  Obviously she is in third, like, um...hmmm...Haley!
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (6)

I love that we can ride bikes to school.
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (7)

Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (9)

I didn't realize this till my sister Deborah mentioned it, but this school year wasn't as dramatic, or a huge change.  We weren't anxious about Clark starting middle school, and Elden wasn't starting his first year at school.  It was nice that it was a new school year without any big surprises.  For the second year running, I met some friends that morning for breakfast, which was really fun.  I think we'll keep up that tradition!

Just some other summer happenings after school started....a gorgeous summer sky.
Aug 25 2015 First Day of School (10)

My mom found my wedding dress and veil.  Shanna was so excited to put them on!
Aug 26 2015

We finally bought an edger (something that I wonder why we did buy two years ago?!).  Lee and the boys cleaned up the walkways.
Aug 27 2015 (2)

Aug 27 2015 (3)

Looking much better!
Aug 27 2015 (4)

Aug 27 2015 (5)

Our apple tree did pretty well this year!  We harvested about nine apples.  Better than the two or three from last year....
Aug 27 2015

One weekend we did some bathroom/house stuff.  I bought a cute bathroom rug but it was too long for the space.  I cut off the ends and "hemmed" them.
Aug 28 2015 (2)

Lee put in a new outlet behind our computer desk.  We've had extension cords running along the wall for over two years now.  This was another, why-didn't-we-do-this-two-years-ago, project.  But it's done and now we can plug all of the computer stuff into the outlet BEHIND the computer desk...novel, I know.
Aug 28 2015

We also bought and hung (well, Lee hung) a new mirror by our dining table!   We LOVE it!
Aug 29 2015 (2)

It's like another window.
Aug 29 2015

For a date one night we headed to Trader Joe's and Home Goods.  It was my very first time in a Home Goods store. LOVED IT!
Aug 29 2015 (3)

Had to grab a treat for the way home!
Aug 29 2015 (4)

We found Shanna like this when we arrived home...
Aug 29 2015 (5)

If you had kids starting school, hope that went smoothly!  Hope you enjoyed those last glorious days of summer too!!!


BWei said...

Love the mirror! Great posts, as always.

Deb B said...

So cute! I love Shanna's pose, and I agree--I'm enjoying a year of no new transitions. I love how nice and crisp your sidewalk looks!

Nostrebor said...

Great post, thanks!