Monday, April 13, 2015

Who wants free ice cream?

One Monday in March, Dairy Queen offered free cones to celebrate their anniversary.  It was a gorgeous evening and we decided to bike over and grab a cone for our family home evening treat.
March 16 2015 DQ free cones (2)

We need to do a Christmas card one year with all of us on our bikes!
March 16 2015 DQ free cones (5)

March 16 2015

March 16 2015 (5)

March 16 2015 (2)

March 16 2015 (3)

March 16 2015 (4)

I worked for Dairy Queen in high school during my junior and senior year.  One time when my family was visiting I treated everyone to a hamburger and maybe a cone?  Maybe some fries?   That is also when my brother Darrell gave my niece Ila ketchup for the first time, much to her mom's dismay. It was fun getting food there because they would just deduct the cost from my pay. I didn't buy stuff all the time at Dairy Queen, but pretty often.  I got free pop and slushies anytime. On my way to the initial interview at Dairy Queen I was speeding because I was late (bad excuse though, I know) and a cop pulled me over.  And it was Friday the 13th.  The first paycheck from DQ paid for the speeding ticket (or a good chunk of it anyway!).  Then when I arrived for the interview the manager couldn't meet with me anyway because she was busy.  Ugh.

Next we are looking forward to July 11th to get free slurpees at 7-11! We lucked out getting a DQ and a 7-11 in our small town!

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