Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Last of Winter?

Winter wanted to hold on as long as possible, and it did.  It also looks as if we will get one last snow this Friday before spring rolls in Saturday! The same weekend my van battery died at Lee's office, church was canceled.  There was a little freezing rain that Sunday morning, and with stake leaders traveling for ward conferences they didn't want to chance any accidents.  Lee received permission from our Bishop to administer the sacrament, along with inviting some families to come and join us. We had a nice little group with us!
March 1 2015 (9)

We had a nice Sunday at home that day. 
March 1 2015 (8)

The kids have been enjoying taking pictures with different filters on my phone.
March 1 2015 (3)

March 1 2015 (5)

March 1 2015 (6)

March 1 2015 (7)

March 1 2015 (10)

March 1 2015 (11)

Lee made a yummy stromboli for dinner that night.
March 1 2015

March 1 2015 (2)

Right before bed Sunday evening, Clark decked himself out as a ninja using household items.
March 3 2015 (2)

On a Tuesday Lee did a couple of errands with me, but ran out of time for lunch. I packed one up and brought it to him at work. The kids had switched my camera back to one of the filters again.
March 3 2015

One morning I did a cute side french braid on Haley's hair.  I took a picture of the back, but apparently I didn't push correctly on the camera because I couldn't find the picture later. Oh well.
March 4 2015

That same week on Thursday we got more snow!  School was canceled Thursday and Friday.  Thursday night it was still a bit cold and the roads were pretty icky. The first of the month I did a HUGE shopping trip.  Sharp Shopper had strawberries for $0.99 a pound!  Lee and I enjoyed some with half and half.  YUM.
March 4 2015 (2)

The kids like earning money by shoveling at Lee's office.  They got some done!  It was so pretty seeing the snow fall too.
March 5 2015 (2)

March 5 2015

I made some marshmallow caramel popcorn that day, and ate way too much!
March 5 2015 caramel popcorn

While the kids were shoveling Elden stayed at home and played with Legos all by himself.  I think he quite enjoyed that! We all watched Sound of Music that night.  I didn't get all the way through it though.  Lee, Clark and Cal did.  I've seen it many, many times and I let sleep overcome me.
March 5 2015 Elden

Lee came up with a cute date idea for that week.  He bought a bunch of different chocolates and we did a tasting contest to see who could identify the chocolate.
March 6 2015 (2)

I won!
March 6 2015 (3)

We crossed off the ones that we got right.
March 6 2015 (4)

This one is funny.  I think Cal was enjoying taking pictures with Elden.
March 6 2015

That weekend we were all invited to a birthday party for a friend and neighbor.  It was at the roller skating rink where we had our ward activity.  It was really fun.  Her cake was so cute!
March 7 2015 (2)

Shanna and Haley with Brooklyn.  She is our neighbor and in the same grade as the girls.
March 7 2015 (3)

Elden is with two of his classmates, Caroline in the middle, and Abby on the right.  Abby was the birthday girl that day.  She and Brooklyn are sisters.  My kids have fun playing with them.
March 7 2015

Sunday was pretty nice out!  We enjoyed a short Sunday walk.
March 8 2015 (2)

Our neighbor, Ron, must have seen us outside because he promptly handed Haley a handful of suckers. Ron is another great neighbor.  He brought his snow blower over a few times to help with snow removal this winter.
March 8 2015 (3)

March 8 2015 (4)

March 8 2015

For fun one afternoon I took pictures of the finished laundry (minus one load that I still had to do). Elden had already put his clothes away.  I need to have the kids fold their own clothes, but they do put them away.  It would be fun to redo this room sometime, but I doubt we ever will. It's the last thing on our list of updates we want to make to the house.  We are hoping to redo the bathrooms this summer!
March 9 2015 (2)

Haley found some flowers poking up!  Spring is trying to come!
March 9 2015

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