Thursday, March 12, 2015

Snow, snow, snow!

Similar to last year, at about the middle to the end of winter, it snowed at least three separate times.  Probably more...the snow days are somewhat mushed together for me!

On one of these snow days Lee worked in town.  He had fewer patients that day and came sledding with us.  This particular day we arrived around 11:30.  Elden I went home before everyone else and Lee and the kids stayed till past 3!  They even got sunburns!
Feb 17 2015 (2)

Feb 17 2015 (3)

Feb 17 2015 (4)

Feb 17 2015 (5)

Feb 17 2015 (6)

A snack one snowy afternoon.  Growing up, almost every Sunday night in the winter we would have tortilla chips, salsa and hot chocolate.  Eating the chips and drinking the hot chocolate is definitely a sensory memory for me!
Feb 17 2015 (8)

In between snow days we headed to Funky's--a roller staking rink.  Every year the two wards and Spanish Branch do a combined activity there.  It's very fun. I was feeling like a homebody that week and didn't want to go, but in the end was glad I went.
Feb 17 2015 (9)

Lee, Clark, Cal and I participated in the races. I stayed in 2nd almost the whole way.
Feb 17 2015 (10)

Lee did a great job and was first!
Feb 17 2015 (16)

A free bag of popcorn for the winner!
Feb 17 2015 (11)

It was fun that Cal and Clark participated in their age-group races too.
Feb 17 2015 (13)

Feb 17 2015 (14)

Feb 17 2015 (15)

One night we attended Suessical put on by a local high school.  As always they do such a great job.  One or two of the kids weren't excited to be there...okay they just didn't want to be there.  Maybe there will be some fond memories when they're older?  Maybe not, ha ha.
Feb 19 2015 Suessical (4)

Fun stage props.
Feb 19 2015 Suessical (2)

Feb 19 2015 Suessical

My parents sent us some Valentines, which I love getting every year.  My mom slips in money to get the kids a treat.  We hadn't spent it yet, so during intermission they picked something out as the treat from the grandparents.  Thanks Mom and Dad!
Feb 19 2015 Suessical (3)

Haley getting styled up to head out into the snow.
Feb 21 2015 (6)

It sure is pretty when it snows!  This snowfall happened on a Saturday.  It snowed all day, about 14 inches total.  Loved it! Our little lamp post reminds me of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
Feb 21 2015 (10)

Even though it was snowing like crazy, Lee took the kids on dates that day.  He went out several times in the snow.  We even headed out to hit up a sale at ACE Hardware. Shanna bought a balloon-animal-making set...sorry, I can't think of what it's there a name?  She made some cute animals and flowers.  I was quite impressed.
Feb 21 2015 (11)

Feb 21 2015 (12)

Lee took some of the kids to do some shoveling at his office (they like earning the extra money).  They got stuck just a block from our house.  After they dug themselves out they just came home.  A little while later he took some kids sledding.  It was about 5pm.  They just walked to the park. 
Feb 21 2015

Right before leaving before sledding.  We shoveled our walks several times that day.  And about a half-hour or so later, there would be another 1/2 inch, or an inch.  Crazy! I love big snowfalls though!
Feb 21 2015 (9)

Feb 21 2015 (8)

Feb 21 2015 (7)

Sledding at the park wasn't super fun (or so I heard from one child) as the snow wasn't really packed down.  It was very fluffy still.
Feb 21 2015 (2)

Feb 21 2015 (3)

Feb 21 2015 (4)

There is something magical about playing in the snow at night though.
Feb 21 2015 (5)

Lee has been coming up with some very fun, creative dates lately!  And of course I am the direct benefactor of that!  One night we played Othello and watched a cute movie Scents & Sensibility, on Netflix. Now I have a weird thing with Othello.  Normally when I play a game I don't get too worked up if I lose.   Okay, unless it's Monopoly at New Years, or Dutch Blitz.  But in general, I kind of know I am not going to win anyway.  Othello is weird though.  About half-way through, almost to the very end I get very worked up and frustrated and think I am going to lose.  Then I win.  Always. Except once that I can remember--this is always when Lee and I play.  At least I have a game I can practically win at every time, right? He he.  I know if I play ping pong against Lee I am going to lose.  Same with Dutch Blitz.  Or darts. Mainly ping pong.  He is much better at ping pong than I am.
Feb 21 2015 (13)

The next day after the big snowfall, regular church meetings were canceled.  They did have a joint sacrament meeting at 1pm.  I was very impressed that morning as Cal got up, showered, and dressed very quickly and all on his own.  I love it when kids take initiative. Cal and Lee headed over to shovel out our friend's car so they could go to church.  I stayed and shoveled out our van so we could go to church.  Our kids thought it was pretty fun playing outside in the snow on a Sunday.
Feb 22 2015

That same night my friend's son received his Eagle.  Clark received his Boy Scout pin, again. Not sure what happened there, ha ha, but I was pinned twice.
Feb 22, 205

Monday we headed out for sledding. Shanna had quite the gear on.  I am so glad I bought all my kids snow pants after Christmas.  They have loved using them.  I am sure I didn't get an amazing deal on them, but I was able to buy all five pair at a thrift store in Pennsylvania.  One trip to buy all five pair sounds sweet to me. At the same store Lee found two pair of nice jeans too.  It was on our shopping trip with Darrell, Stacie, Lois, and Jeff.  My brother Darrell is quite the shopper.  Side this same thrift store he bought his son a really nice Columbia coat for only $10.  Too bad I hadn't seen it first!
Feb 23 2015

The end of February came so quickly.  At the end of the month my wallet is thin, and the food in the house is down to the basics. With some shifting around we stayed in budget.  I have a hard time staying in budget with each category. Like food money...I am not careful the whole month through so at the end I have to get creative.  Or I dip into another category to purchase food items.  In the end, staying in budget is the main goal. But it is a fun little game to try and stick with the budget...though I often fail in individual categories!
Feb 24 2015 (2)

Like I mentioned, at the end of the month we are down to the basics. Or even food storage basics.  I had one egg left, and didn't want to use it (I used it in something else...can't remember). So I broke out the powdered eggs to use in some muffins.  Lena gave me a bunch of powdered eggs that her friend gave her.  I used the bags she gave me all up and I quite liked using them.  The powdered eggs worked especially well in my rolls and muffins.  They were fine in cookies.  It's just nice knowing I can use a food storage item in everyday really, that is how food storage should be. 
Feb 24 2015

We enjoyed the snow and survived the snow.  And with fewer patients for Lee, we just keep reminded ourselves that they will reschedule (for the most part) and to just enjoy the time home together being snowed in.  All the snow made me think of how fun it would be to be in Maine, snowed-in at a cabin surrounded by tall pine trees, with a roaring fire in the fireplace, munching on yummy treats and playing games.  Lest you think I am a cold weather girl, I really am not--though I do enjoy a good snow.  I seriously am ready for the sweltering heat of summer.  I was quite sad when August wasn't super warm last year, and fall and winter came all too quickly. 

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