Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Cal had his second Pinewood Derby recently.  He had a great time designing his car, and Lee had a great time helping him cut it out and prepare it for the race. 
Feb 25 2015 Pinewood Derby (2)

Lee had a gasline elbow joint with his tool "stuff".  Cal needed extra weight on his car, and this fit the bill.  Lee went to school and found Cal asking him if it would be okay to stick the elbow joint on top.  Cal enjoyed doing his own paint job too.  It was really cute because during the race Lee occasionally asked Cal if he could re-adjust the wheels or put more graphite on it.  Cal would tell Lee, "It's okay Dad.  I think I am going to get third." Basically, Dad, my car is doing fine, we don't need to fine-tune it during the race.  Well, Cal ended in a three-way tie for 2nd place!  Pretty fun!
Feb 25 2015 Pinewood Derby (5)

Feb 25 2015 Pinewood Derby

Kind of a funny picture.  Not sure what Haley is doing!  Sorry, bad cell pictures.
Feb 25, 2015 Pinewood Derby (2)

Clark brought an old car of his to race for fun.  He was disappointed that his car times didn't count in the final scores. Some fun things eventually come to an end, including Pinewood Derby races.
Feb 25, 2015 Pinewood Derby

Picking a prize for being one of the second-placers.
Feb 25 2015 Pinewood Derby (4)

Feb 25 2015 Pinewood Derby (3)

It was another successful Pinewood Derby!

A few days later we had....yep, another date night!  I made mint lava cakes and we watched "Scents & Sensibility".  A modern twist on Sense & Sensibility--it's on Netflix.  A cute movie.
Feb 27 2015 (2)

I am not sure how other households run, but at the end of the month our fridge is pretty empty.  I tend to stock up at the beginning of the month, and then at the end we just use what we have on hand.  Mainly because I have run out of food money, or have only a couple dollars left. (I need to get better at managing the food budget more evenly throughout the month!) The end of the month is a great time to wipe out the fridge though! 
Feb 27 2015

Our battery is on the fritz and if I leave the air on, or lights on for just a couple of minutes the battery dies.  I was at Lee's office the last Saturday of February to pick up his tablet and I checked the mail.  I sat in the van going through his mail for a couple of minutes and had the headlights on.  Well, I forgot that I had the headlights on and as soon as I realized what I'd done I figured the van wouldn't start.  I was right.  It didn't.  Clark and Elden were with me and Elden had a t-shirt on, no jacket! It was kind of cold out that day, but I didn't know what else to do but walk home as fast as we could.  I gave Elden my jacket, so I went home without one. Thankfully Lee's work isn't too far from home! After work Lee came and jumped the van. 
Feb 28 2015

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