Monday, March 17, 2014

Willy Wonka + Random

Occasionally I get the photos off my phone and put them on the computer.  I found a few that I don't think I've put on the blog.  Last month on our way home from our temple trip we swung by the awesome Tyson's Corner mall so I could exchange a pair of slippers.  We explored some other stores too, like the Lego Store.  On our way out the girls and I stopped at the Disney Store.  They both loved the place.  In a few years we'd love to go on a Disney Cruise...we'll see if that ever happens!
Feb 22 2014 (2)

Feb 22 2014 (3)

And earlier that day Lois and I did a little shopping trip.  One stop was at Target.  I mainly took this picture because I thought it was funny that Elden had a ninja outfit on.
Feb 22 2014 (4)

March 1 we went to a Lego build at Barnes & Noble.  The kids received some random pieces of Legos and could build basically whatever.  Poor Shanna was home sick that day, but we were able to bring her a little bag of Legos.  Since it was March 1, I did a lot of shopping stocking up on groceries and household supplies.  We went to about six different places. The kids got paid that day too for doing their jobs so they had a little money to spend.  At the end of our big shopping trip Clark told me he didn't realize how much fun shopping was, ha ha.  Yep, it's fun when you have money to spend!
March 1 2014 Lego Build

March 1 2014 Lego Build (2)

We've had more snow days!!!  We had three days off of school a couple weeks ago.  Today is actually another snow day too.  One day we hung out at Lee's office for a little while so Clark and Cal could shovel the walkways and parking lot to earn money.
March 3 2014

I go to the school once a week and make copies.  I do copies for several teachers and usually I am there between two and two and a half hours.  Thus Elden gets a little bored or gets a little creative.  Recently he pulled out the tape and....taped himself.
March 6 2014 Elden

My parents swung by during their travels to help celebrate Elden's birthday.  They stayed the next morning and afternoon too.  (They are in Egypt right now! They are on a trip to visit different sites where Christ once was--how cool!) Haley really wanted them to come and eat lunch with them.  We got there late but sat with them for a little bit in the lunch room and then Haley showed us her classroom and Shanna showed us some art work in the hallway and a couple things too in her classroom.
March 12 2014 (2)

Haley loves Grandpa! (Shanna does too, but Haley definitely stuck by his side!)
March 12 2014

I colored my mom's hair that afternoon.  Guess it turned out too fakey red because Lois saved the day and fixed it!
March 12 2014 (3)

On Friday we went to a local middle school's production of Willy Wonka.  It was a cute play.  On the way home we had fun talking about our favorite parts.  Our kids really loved it.  Clark commented a few times about how awesome it was.  Clark's friend was Charlie and "Charlie's" sister was the Candy Man--she is in young women's in my ward.  It was fun seeing them in the play.  They did a great job.  We enjoyed seeing members from our church there too (they were just attending).
March 14 2014 Willy Wonka Play (2)

Elden clearly didn't want to have his picture taken.
March 14 2014 Willy Wonka Play

March 14 2014 Willy Wonka Play (3)

Earlier in the year we were going to go ice staking. (I mentioned this earlier.) We set the money aside to do so, but never went skating.  We finally went one Saturday but the rink was too slushy by the time we arrived.  We decided to spend the money on some other things. (Lena we are planning on going staking with you at Thanksgiving!) One of those things was to get pizza before the play--that was a lot of fun.  All of us like Little Caesar's pizza. There is one in Harrisonburg, with a drive-thru even! The price is great too!  We haven't bought pizza for awhile because it takes such a chunk of money out of the grocery budget.  I was thinking about our grocery money and for some reason realized that in March we are spending about $10 a day on food.  The pizza bill was close to $14.  About $14 for ONE meal during the day, ouch!  That definitely hurts the $10 a DAY on food!  I was fun getting the pizza.  Anyway, it will be fun to see what play this middle school performs next year!

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andyandsteph said...

It's cool that you guys went to the play! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. That's pretty funny that Clark had fun shopping, but I do agree it is more fun when you have money to spend!