Friday, November 16, 2012


My brother Sheldon's wedding is around the corner and I better get updated before the big event! It will be very busy this weekend...we'll see how much I get done. I am making a wedding gift for Ciera, which I hope to bring to the wedding. I also want to finish Christmas letters before I go. And I just remembered we need to get our leaves ready for pick-up too.....busy, busy!

Our fun news is that pictures were taken of us while voting. (I am very sad about the presidential outcome though, by the way.) Lee was awesome and woke up early and even jogged over to the polls at 6 am. The kids didn't have school that day, so I was lazy getting out of bed. I realized later that I probably should have voted in the morning before Lee left for work. I did not want to take the kids voting with me. He was quite busy that day (YAY!) and couldn't take off time during the day for me to go over and vote. I didn't want to go in the evening as our evening time together as a family is so limited already. And, who knew what the polls would be like anyway! Well, I bit the bullet and took them. I brought a bag with books and some cookies in case we had to wait in line for a long time. I told the kids to bring their coats and gloves too. It happens that we were able to walk right in, and no one was in front of me in line while I "checked in"! There were about four people in front of me for the line to use the electronic voter. While we were in line I saw a photographer with two big cameras. I admit, I figured he would take pictures of us. One mom with five kids in tow...I am not sure one sees that every voting time, ha ha. Someone handed a sample ballot back to me while waiting in line. Instead of just looking at it, I secretly helped the photographer to get a good picture and held the ballot in front of Cal and showed it to him. I don't know why, but it makes me smile to think about it. I totally was posing for him and he didn't even know it.
Ruth Election day ft page

Ruth Election Day DNR 3

Anyway, voting went very well with the kids. After we voted a lady came up to me and complimented me on bringing all of my kids with me to vote. And then outside a lady was handing out suckers. She had four, and asked how many I needed. She said to wait while she got one more sucker so all of my kids could have one--which was very nice! I must say, since having kids, I have been pleasantly surprised with people who comment on my kids, or interact with them. They are always nice (or at least tactful) or shocked at the number of kids I have--never rude. And I don't think I have "a lot" of kids. Back at home I set up the timer on the camera and tried to get a picture of all of us with our "I voted" stickers. Take your pick.
Nov 6 2012 Ruth and kids voting (3)

Nov 6 2012 Ruth and kids voting

Nov 6 2012 Ruth and kids voting (2)

Last weekend my cousin Heidi and family came down again. We enjoyed having them here for a few days. Last Saturday Lee had a "booth" at a local health fair. We stopped by to visit. Nov 10 2012 Lee and Elden Shanna health fair

Nov 10 2012 Lee & Shanna health fair

Later that day Lee's mom Christmas package arrived. Every year she sends Christmas ornaments to every child and grandchild. We had fun opening it together and seeing the fun nativities and bookmarks she included. Thanks Mom!
Nov 10 2012 Clark Cal Lee Haley Shanna

After going to the park and eating dinner, we roasted marshmallows outside. I made chocolate chip cookies to use in lieu of graham crackers and chocolate, for s'mores. Nov 10 2012 Lee Shanna Cal Marc Simonsen

Nov 10 2012 Clark Haley Shanna Lee

Nov 10 2012 Lee Ruth

This week I went on two field trips. Shanna and Haley visited a grocery store, but their classes went on separate days. Elden hung out at Lee's office for Shanna's field trip and then my neighbor came to the rescue to babysit Elden for Haley's field trip. I was going to take my camera when I went with Haley, but completely forgot. I am sure you can all imagine what a grocery store looks like, ha ha. I think my favorite part was the meat department. It reminded me of my dad in his different meat labs. They showed the kids how they grind up meat too. I also thought it was fun that each kid got to scan something.  I used to always want to work at a grocery store because I liked scanning stuff. Yesterday after Haley's field trip I helped out a little at Lee's office. I quite enjoyed it and I wouldn't be surprised if I helped out more there when Elden goes to school. We'll see. I really want to teach Dave Ramsey's finance class to high-schoolers too. Lots of options for the future, that's for sure. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! My next post will be even longer I am sure!


Lois said...

How fun! Loved all the pics and the news. Can't wait for when we get to go to Elkton next!!

Lena said...

Awesome post Ruth! Thanks for the updates.

Emilee said...

That's cool that you and all your kids got in the paper. It's not a bad idea to bring older kids to vote with you to let them see the process. Though I'm grateful that this year I didn't have to go with a baby on the hip and a three year old in tow.

Melissa S. said...

hahaha, that's EXTRA funny that you were actually posing for the picture and he had no idea. hahaha. I love it. Too bad they didn't give each the kids their own ballot, then maybe Romney would've won. ;)