Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall thus far....

A couple weeks ago our friend came and babysat our kids. She even brought sugar cookies and goodies so the kids could decorate them!
Oct 19 2012 Sadie Liskey and kids

Lee and I went window shopping in Harrisonburg. Two of the stores we wanted to go to were already closed. Before we went home we stopped for ice cream and used up a gift card a teacher had given me last school year.
Oct 19 2012 Lee date Oct 19 2012 Ruth date

The next day was our Relief Society Christmas in October activity. I was running late that morning and had to help set up before the activity. I made it to the church in 24 minutes, which is a record for us! Usually it takes anywhere from 28-32 (or so) minutes. There were lots of fun crafts to do at the activity (thanks to the awesome activity counselor!) and we had a nice turnout. I am glad that the counselor over me is good with crafts and such, because it's not my thing. I should have taken some pictures of the event. I did two different crafts there. I was going to leave a little early, but wasn't done. I am glad I stayed and finished because I am almost sure they wouldn't have been finished at home!

After a run at Sharp Shopper for Lois, I went over to Elkton Autumn Days. Lee and the kids were already by the ball fields browsing the vendors. Before we met up by the school, I walked around and bought a couple of things. One guy sells maple syrup from his own sugar camp every year. This past spring Lois' family and our family drove out there too see the sugar camp. Sadly production had ended early this spring for maple syrup so we didn't get to see it being made in action. Anyway, I bought a tiny jug of maple syrup. It will be fun to buy more next year. I also saw a couple people at Autumn Days that I know. I like going to community things and seeing people I know!
 Oct 20 2012 Elkton Autumn Days Oct 20 2012 Elkton Autumn Days Lee & Ruth (2)

After Autumn Days we headed up to Lois', went to the temple and did sealings. The sealer used to be the Washington, D.C. temple president. His daughter, son-in-law, grand-daughter and grand-son-in-law were there in too. It was so fun. The sealer was excited and eager to help his grand-daughter understand the sealing ordinance--where in temples, husband and wife can be sealed for eternity (not just "death do us part"). It was a great instruction time as lots of questions were asked and answered. It was a busy Saturday, but also a good day. A little side story, when we left Lois' that night I drove home. I made it all the way to Shenandoah and had to pull over. Funny thing, Shenandoah is only about 6 minutes from our house. I fell asleep very soon after Lee started driving (and of course had to wake up very soon after that!)

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