Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Showalter's Orchard

We are into the routine of everyday life and not much is going on other than the regular--which is great!  Our heater isn't working properly and that is adding to my sadness of summer being gone because it is kind of cold at our house! It would be better if the house was insulated a little better, of course.  We have had some great, warm fall days recently that have helped warm me up a little.

The girls were able to pick out a mini-pumpkin on their field trip to Showalter's Orchard a couple of weeks ago.  They enjoyed drawing faces on their pumpkins.  They might attempt to carve them with Lee during a daddy date.
Oct 5 2012 Shanna and Haley mini pumpkins

The kids are enjoying playing with our neighbors.  The other day I was chatting with their parents and later we got together and we ate dinner at their home.  We had a great time visiting and eating pizza.  It's so nice having good neighbors!  They spoil us with yummy treats here and there too.Oct 5 Elden Haley Cal Shanna Brooklyn & Abby Clark

Last Friday I made jam for the first time ever!  I normally buy jam at the Valley Pantry as it's here in Elkton, very yummy, and the store is closed on Sunday.  But it is kind of expensive.  I figured out the cost of buying strawberries (even in the fall), including using the other ingredients, and realized that making my own freezer jam would be a whole lot cheaper.  It was super easy of course, and tastes yummy.
Oct 12 2012 First Strawberry Jam

While I was busy in the kitchen, Elden was sitting in his bed reading books.  Then he just laid down and took a nap.  He's a sweet boy.
Oct 12 2012 Elden

The same afternoon Elden and I went to school to eat lunch with Shanna. I should have thought about it and had Haley come and sit with us.  Oh well.  I of course went over and said hi to her. 
Oct 12 2012 Shanna Ruth Elden Elkton Elementary Lunch Oct 12 2012 Haley Elkton Elementay

On Saturday we met Lee after work and headed up to Showalter's Orchard. After being there for the kindergarten trip I wanted to bring the whole family there.  We didn't have a lot of time at the orchard, but we can always go back next year! I love that there are apple orchards here--though of course there are apple orchards in lots of places. Afterwards we had dinner at a park, then I did a little shopping and Lee took the kids home.
Oct 13 2012 Showalter's Orchard Cal & Elden
Oct 13 2012 Showalter's Orchard Clark Cal
Oct 13 2012 Showalter's Orchard Elden
Oct 13 2012 Showalter's Orchard Haley Lee
Oct 13 2012 Showalter's Orchard Ruth Shanna

I bought these dresses for the girls two years ago, and they have worn them now and then. They are their designated "fall" dresses this year since they were already on hand, but the dresses were too short so I added some brown fabric. I cut off the bottom and added the fabric in between. I wanted the added fabric to look like it was part of the dress. Not sure if that was achieved, but they turned out cute!
Oct 14 2012 Shanna
October 14 2012 Shanna Haley

Now I need to get going on a little pile of mending....
As for some great news, Lee's secretary is coming back to work. She was out for a few weeks and we are so excited she'll be back next week!


Lois said...

Good job on the dresses. They look great! That was a good idea to sandwich the extra strip in between. And the jam looks delicious. We're proud of you, Ruth.

Nostrebor said...

Nice job on the dresses! They look great!

Megan and Jeremy said...

It's so pretty there! I love fall & fall activities-so fun you guys have an orchard near by. I love what you did with the dresses Ruth! Such a great idea. And congrats on your anniversary. Looks like it was a lot of fun to be in NYC :)

Lois said...

Do you remember when we went apple picking at the orchard in Wisconsin? We went 2 or 3 different years. It was a lot of fun.
Love, MOM