Tuesday, August 7, 2012

School is a comin'

School is just around the corner (2 weeks away!) and I can't believe it.  Yesterday we stopped by the school to let the office know that I wanted to have Shanna and Haley in separate classes.  I am glad I did because the awesome secretary there, Tina, gave me all of the kids' paperwork!  At this school they have a "Fee Day" where you come in to fill out paperwork, pay fees associated with different grades, get the student handbooks, and find out who your child's teacher is. I just finished filling out the paperwork for my FOUR kids going to school this fall.  My hand started to hurt at the end! Shanna and Haley also have their kindergarten physicals all done.

Last week was tax-free weekend.  I saw an ad for school supplies for sale at a local pharmacy (I love that they're closed on Sunday!).  I knew I had to buy a lot and wanted to get it done, so I did it the day before the tax free day, ha ha. Their backpacks are now stuffed and ready to go.  All we have left to do is basically buy some socks and underwear, exchange some clothing, and get the girls some gym shoes. Being in the school yesterday made this coming school year feel real.


Aug 7 2012

This summer has been too short and I am sad my girls are heading off to school! 
Good thing there are two weeks left to play!


andyandsteph said...

That's exciting that Shanna and Haley will be in school but also a little sad. I hope they all have an awesome school year!

Melissa S. said...

I can't believe they'll be in kindergarten!!!!!!!!! Insane. Have fun packing all THOSE lunches!!!!! (haven't reached the 4 in school yet......thankfully).

Risa Stumm said...

Wow, the summer FLEW by... I can't believe we're already in AUGUST! Enjoy the last two weeks of summer!

Megan and Jeremy said...

I can't believe you'll have 4 in school!! I was filling out paperwork for Hyrum two nights ago & I told Jeremy can you imagine how long this will take me when all 5 of them are going?! :) Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your summer break!

Annelise said...

Woo hoo School! I hope the girls like it! I remember being so excited for school when I was in kindergarten.