Thursday, August 2, 2012

Darrell comes to visit

Darrell, my oldest brother, came to visit with his family a few days after Reed and Blake went home. Darrell recently received his PhD in market research and will start teaching at a university this fall.  They live just a few hours from us now and I am excited to see them more often! Since they were on their way to their new house, Boomer the dog tagged along.  Elden LOVED Boomer.  Poor kid...he'll never get an animal while residing in this house.  It was fun having a visit from Boommer.

The kids gave him a bath...Boomer is so kind to kids...even when they torture the poor dog..

Darrell's baby...she's so cute!

More dog love!

It might not look big, but I got this HUGE thing of ice cream at Sharp Shopper for $7.99!  Breyer's Cookies & Creme....YUM!

A big storm came through here the end of June, leaving thousands (if not millions) without power along the Eastern States.  We were lucky and had power the whole time. For FHE we went to a lady's house near us.  He dad goes to our church and she needed help with a big tree the fell in her yard--well, half of it anyway.  Darrell had his chainsaw with him so we went to help.  We didn't get all of the wood removed, but we made a little dent.

We had a great time Darrell and Stacie and family!  We're excited to see you soon!

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