Saturday, August 4, 2012

4th of July

We had a nice 4th of July.  We hope you all did too! Our friends invited everyone from the ward to come to their home on the 3rd for a bbq and potluck dinner.  Don't you love their coffee table?  It's a chess board!  I love that Clark and his friend (who has been his swimming buddy at the pool all summer) know how to play.  


Some pretty views.  I love the views driving home from's so gorgeous out here! 

About 9:30 or so we headed to the driveway to watch the fireworks from Massanutten.  Right before that the kids roasted marshmallows.

There are two wards and a Spanish branch here and every July 4th we meet for a combined breakfast and program.  The other ward was in-charge of the breakfast this year.  The program was great!  I loved it--very patriotic.  Clark participated in the flag ceremony. Each of the scouts shared an interesting fact about the flag.  One I thought was interesting was that the flag's stripes were going to be vertical, not horizontal like they are now. The breakfast was YUMMY and we had a great time visiting with friends while the kids played at the park and with water balloons.

Sadie and Haley.  Sadie babysits for us occasionally and she is awesome!

I thought it was sweet that Shanna was doing this.

Our attempt with wearing some patriotic colors...

Since Lee had they day off and we were already in Harrisonburg I went shopping when he hung out with the the van...He does this from time to time for me!

Thanks Lee!

After shopping, I think we hung out at home for the rest of the day.  Can't remember.  I love the 4th.  We live in a wonderful country.  I am looking forward to the elections this Fall.  Whichever candidates you are rooting for in the upcoming elections, go out and vote! God Bless America!


shelly said...

Oh, the excitement of shopping alone! =) You and your hubby are such a cute couple.

Risa Stumm said...

Ohhhh, what a wonderful Fourth! Glad you were able to spend it together!