Friday, September 9, 2011

We had a fun Labor Day weekend.  Lee and Lois had their birthdays that weekend which made it extra fun.  First are some random pictures Haley took. 
August 28 2011 Elden Ruth

August 28 2011 Haley

Sept 1 2011 Shanna

Since we were heading to Lois' the afternoon of Lee's birthday, he opened his presents the night before at home.
Sept 1 2011 Cal Haley Lee Shanna Elden

After school on Friday we drove up to Lois'. For Lee's birthday she made yummy artichoke/chicken/basil pizza and an awesome chocolate cake with ganache and chocolate mousse.  So good!  Check it out here:
Sept 2, 2011 Lee's birthday, Haley

Sept 2, 2011 Lee Haley

Happy 31st birthday Lee!
Sept 2, 2011 Reed Cal haley Ruth Clark Lee Elden Shanna

Sunday was Lois' birthday. Jeff put up some cute decorations and even got party hats and blowers for the party.  I think Lois had a fun day.
Sept 4, 2011 Lee

Elden got pretty good at riding Reed's scooter.  He is also learning to ride our two-wheeled ones at home.
Sept 4, 2011 Elden Clark

Happy Birthday Lois!!! It was fun being with you on your birthday!
Sept 4, 2011 Clark Ruth Shanna Lois

Lois' friends gave them some candy from Russia.  We enjoyed finishing it off for them.
Sept 4, 2011 Russian candy

Lois' Party!
Sept 4, 2011 Clark Lois (2)

Sept 4, 2011 Clark Lois Ruth

Sept 4, 2011 Elden

Sept 4, 2011 party

On Labor Day we swapped going to the temple with Jeff and Lois. It's nice that the D.C. temple is open on certain Monday holidays!  During the earthquake that occurred about two weeks ago the tips of the spires fell off the temple.  Can you tell which ones are missing?  Here is the article about the D.C. Temple.
Sept 5, 2011 D.C. temple, spire tips gone after August 2011 earthquake
The picture isn't the best, but the spire to the right of the Angel Moroni is fine--it's very thin and pointy at the top.  All the others broke off and look a little more blunt.  You could tell in real life...

There is an Asian/International store right by Lois'.  I am not a big fan of seafood, but Lee loves it. I don't know if we've ever bought shrimp at a grocery store the whole time we've been married.  And of course for the longest time we've cut back on groceries and shrimp just wasn't going to make it on the menu.  Lee bought some at the market.  It was another fun birthday present.  Hope you didn't mind the smell Jeff!
Sept 5 2011 Lee

Later on Labor Day we met up with my Missionary Training Center (MTC) companion Millie. The first time we ever met was in Provo at the MTC and also served in the Los Angeles Mission together.  We were never companions once we got to LA, but we got to see each other a lot and often served with the same companions.  It was so great seeing her.  We haven't seen each other for about 5 or 6 years.  She is doing a nursing program right now and only lives about 1 1/2 hours from us!  Thanks for meeting up with us Millie!

Sept 5 2011 Ruth and Millie Carlson

I hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend too!  It's funny because growing up we literally labored on Labor Day.  From memory it seems that we would finish up garden stuff or yard work or something.  My dad was great at teaching us to work and always had things for us 10 kids to do!


Lena said...

Even though we labored on Labor Day, Mom and Dad would usually have something fun planned for the afternoon/evening--a picnic or going to a lake or something. Good times!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday to LEE!! And to Lois too! So fun to live close to family :) And great article on Lee in your paper-that's awesome.

I love the our best bites website-they have a delicious cookie pie recipe. At least I love it :)

Dean and Elaine said...

So fun to see you and Millie together! Cute, cute gals!

Cardiganwearer said...

It doesn't look like Eldon was having the best time at the B-day party. Not a big fan of pointy hats?