Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Small Town Living

Everyday life has been going well in our small town.  Right now the only "extra" activity is Cub Scouts--Clark recently joined and loves it! I love being able to walk or bike everywhere in town.  Lately we've been using our van only two or three times a week.  I'm not really a "green" person (sorry Matt), but it sure is nice being fairly self-reliant and not having to worry much about gas prices.  

While I've been here I've discovered two stores that I love! The first is a local thrift store EAUS (Elkton Area United Services).  I have been a couple times and am excited to keep going and going!  The other day all children's clothing was $0.25 each.  I bought a few awesome items! 

Here is my first treasure for the day.  Though not an article of clothing, still nice.  Especially for $1!  I don't have a china set or anything of the sort.  But I have started a set of white serving dishes.  Don't laugh, but this is the third piece of the "set".  I got a free gravy boat w/dish last year the day after Thanksgiving (thanks Yonkers!) and recently I inherited a nice white serving platter from my mom.  When I saw this piece I almost didn't buy it reasoning I don't need it, only if it is $1.  But I changed my mind and I am glad I did!  It would work well for veggies, sauces, candy...I am sure I will use it somehow!
Sept 2011 $1 pot

Sept 2011 $1 pot (2)

Sept 2011 $1 pot (3)

So, on to the $0.25 finds.  I got a few things for a $ a fleece pull-over for Clark when he's 10 or 11, a couple shirts for Elden, a couple of jackets, a Gymboree dress shirt for my nephew and these two beauties:

Yep, an Express sweater.  I told the lady up front that it was a women's item, but I found it in the children's section.  She still gave it to me for a $0.25!

And this quarter find is currently up for bid on eBay....I couldn't resist! 

The next store that I love, and is fewer than two blocks from my house: 

I think I first saw Family Dollar in Memphis.  The stores were normally in undesirable parts of town so thus my opinion was formed and I think I had frequented them not more than a couple of times. When I saw one here I didn't go there for a few weeks actually.  Eventually I went, and I can't remember the reason for the trip, but wow!  I am SO glad we have a Family Dollar here!  There are many items for $1 and really it could be called the local five and dime. It has a great selection and some things are just a great price.  Where else can you get evaporated milk for $0.80??  Or a six pack of ramen, ha ha, for $1??  There is wrapping paper for $1, along with nail polish, craft items, hairbows, combs. candy, papertowels, etc. all for $1.  Plus I can get practically all of our household and personal goods there!  Oh so sweet.  Now if there was only an Aldi in town....

There have been a couple of changes in our day-to-day life.  For one: no microwave.  Our microwave that we bought in Memphis in 2004 died on us RIGHT before we moved--about three or four days prior.  I have tried to get some free ones on Craigslist, but not luck.  Microwaves are EXPENSIVE and we won't be buying one anytime soon.  I still need to find out if someone around here (that I can walk to) fixes them. There have also been changes (small and big) in using an electric stove, mowing our own lawn, and riding the bus to school, among others.  All in all life is good and Lee enjoys having his own business.

This picture won't mean much, but the other day my mom sent out an email about their adventures at the Puyallup Fair. She mentioned that Sheldon and Sheldon shared an elephant ear together.  I wondered if Sheldon was a twin, but at birth was separated from my mom at the hospital.  Roger and Britt had proof of his lifelong twin and he did show up at the fair!  In any case, my family had a good laugh.
sheldon and sheldon

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I have an extra microwave. If you're ever in town, you're welcome to it ;)