Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Spring is here!  It's gorgeous outside and Lee LOVES working in the garden. I just thought of Charlotte Lucas talking about her new husband Mr. Collins....
"I encourage him to be in his garden as often as possible...Then he has to walk to Rosings nearly every day. ... I admit I encourage him in that also." THANKFULLY Lee is in the garden because he enjoys it, not because I want him to be out there away from me!

We enjoyed a nice conference weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of April. Twice a year our church leaders speak to us concerning various subjects inspired from the Lord.  Topics vary between raising children, forgiving one another, sharing the gospel, living within our means, or the blessings of repentance--to name just a few.  Check it out here: April 2011 General Conference.

Now for some random, recent updates.

One night while babysitting, we were reading scriptures and Elden was snuggling with our friend. It was so cute.  He just kept letting her hold him!
Mar 25 2011 Ashley Fowle, Elden

A couple weeks ago the girls went to a princess birthday party.
Mar 26 2011 Eve Thompson, Hailey Phillips, Shanna

Mar 26 2011 Shanna

Haley did not want to be a princess.  Fine with me! 
Mar 26 2011 Eve Thompson birthday party

Hanging out with Talan
Mar 31 2011 Haley, Talan Sexton Shanna

Shanna and Talan sat there for awhile, passing the time of day...so cute!
Mar 31 2011 Talan Sexton Shanna

Mar 31 2011 Talan Sexton Shanna (2)

Lee was in-charge of date night this past weekend.  He had arranged a babysitter, but I had another commitment that night...sorry Lee!  After the kids were in bed, we had hamburgers, roasted marshmallows, then watched the Food Nanny.  Very fun!  Thanks Lee!  I need to figure out what we are going to do this weekend...hmmm....
 April 8 2011 Lee and Ruth Date

Saturday we went to another birthday party. The whole family was invited.
April 9 2011 Lincoln Watkins bday party

A very cool Lego pinata.  Besides having candy inside, there were silly bands and Lego pieces!  So fun!
April 9 2011 Clark

Anyone recognize the guy in the background?  He and his wife have been in our ward for a few months, but I've never talked to him before this, just his wife.  Come to find out, he served as a missionary in Marshall Branch the same time I came home from my mission!  Too funny.  After talking with him he even looked more familiar.  He remembered what my dad looked like and remembered the Bennetts, the Lindquists, and my friend Amber (probably more people too!). I miss Marshall Branch!  By the way, he is Sunny (Sundan) Bradbury.
April 9 2011 Cal

April 9 2011 Shanna

It was classic seeing Haley's face.  She was DETERMINED to break the Lego!
April 9 2011 Haley

April 9 2011 Elden

April 9 2011 Elden (2)

April 9 2011 Elden (3)

By the way, Elden had his two year check-up.  He is in the 2nd percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight...or the other way around?  EITHER way, is his FINALLY on the charts for both categories!  Woo hoo! He is doing well.  We are very blessed.
April 9 2011 Elden (4)

Sunday night my mom and dad and youngest brother Sheldon stopped for the night.  Sheldon recently returned from his proselyting mission to Italy and is now on his way to Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho.  He took a return trip to Italy after he came home and my parents and Sam and Shawna tagged along too. Or Sheldon tagged along with them. Sounds like they had a great time.  My parents brought my kids Kinder Eggs, I got an Italian silk scarf (VERY COOL!) and Lee and I also received a small nativity.  THANKS!!!  We had a great time with them, even though it was a short visit.  They stayed through lunch on Monday. My kids especially loved seeing Sheldon. 
April 11 2011 Darrell, Sheldon, Lois

Come back soon!
April 11 2011 leaving

It's fun hearing and seeing the girls play together during the day. 
April 11, 2011 Haley Shanna

Never grow up girls!
April 11, 2011 Haley and Shanna

Last night Enos came to Family Home Evening and asked my kids how to pray.  He said he thought about the words of his father Jacob and wanted them to teach him to pray.  (I saw the idea online...Enos is a prophet from the Book of Mormon)  Thanks Lee!  I hope it went well...we have our share of bedlamites!
April 11, 2001 Enos visits

For Family Home Evening dessert, we had mint brownies.  Shanna was treat and requested the pink frosting.  Check out the amazing recipe on fivesistersfivefamilies.blogspot.com
April 11, 2011 Brownies (4)

Easter is approaching, and I would love any ideas you all have about celebrating Easter with your children.  We did not have the Easter Bunny growing up and I have continued that with my kids.  I always want to do something spiritual with them, but I end up doing nothing.  I don't mind doing Easter egg hunts, but I need some spiritual Easter tradition ideas!  Please share!!!

Have a great week!


Lois said...

Fun update!!! I loved seeing all the pictures - your kids are so cute!!

Amy said...

We're going to try something new this Easter. The Sunday before Easter Sunday, we are going to set up our Christmas tree with lights and then hang some of our favorite treats (8 for each person in our family) on the tree. Our treats this year will be mini candy bars with string or yarn holding it to the tree.

Then each night until Easter, we will take one treat off the tree and talk about what happened to Jesus on that day while we eat our treat.

On the first night, we also plan to talk about how the tree symbolizes the tree of life and the fruit (the treat) symbolizes the love of God, like in Lehi's dream.

Should be fun. We usually don't do much for Easter, but we thought this would be fun and still focus on the real purpose of Easter.

Have a great Easter season!

Sonia B said...

I've always thought about doing a sunrise devotional . . . watching the sun rise just like the Son rose . . . something to that effect.

Lena said...

We always make tomb rolls and have a "spiritual" egg hunt on Easter. Symbols of Easter and a scripture is in each egg.

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

We do Resurrection Eggs and the Jelly Bean prayer...

Jenn Randall said...

Parker asks every year that we do our 'Tomb' cookies. You make them the night before and almost every ingredient is symbolic. You put them in the oven, seal it (just like the tomb), and in the morning they are 'hollow' cookies...empty like the tomb. Someone else mentioned tomb rolls, which are likely about the same. Anyway, if you want the recipe, let me know. It's simple, but Parker and Tyson get the point, and they remember it.