Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Date Night

Lee and I have continued to do some creative date nights...and I hope we'll keep thinking of ideas!

This is what I did a couple of nights ago...I found this free online puzzle template.  I printed it off on cardstock.
April 15 2011 date

April 15 2011 date (2)

April 15 2011 date (3)

April 15 2011 date (4)

I had Lee open it at work.  That night we ate yummy Belgium chocolate and drank San Pellegrino Limonata. We watched Number Seventeen, a movie co-produced by Alfred Hitchcock.  Not one of his best...though we can't give it a fair review because the sound and picture quality were very poor. Now I need to think of what to do this weekend for a date...

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leslie mae said...

Here's a website for you! They have lots of dating ideas!!!