Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter!

We hope you all had a great Easter.  It was fun reading about some of your traditions that you do with your families. We did start some!  There were some short video clips on and we watched one each morning the week leading up to Easter.  On Saturday we went to an egg hunt and lunch that Lee's work hosted.  Sunday we watching Finding Faith in Christ, had a family testimony meeting and after dinner did an egg hunt with the Resurrection Eggs.

As for what we have been doing the past couple of weeks, I have a few photos.....

I had fun going to a surprise birthday party for my friend Sarah.  Her boys are the same ages as Clark and Cal. 
April 23 2011 (4)

Here is another picture--but look at the library sign.  It's so funny!
April 13 2011 Sarah Hippler Baby Shower

One night Lee took some pictures of Elden and his train and boy, he could be Ethan's TWIN!
April 13 2011 Elden

An event took place a couple of weeks ago that Lee and I will never forget.  A family at our church adopted a young man--the one in the front row, far right--Shawn Botti and were sealed to him in the St. Louis Temple.  Shawn will be leaving soon to go on his mission to Los Angeles (YES, my mission!!!).  It was such a special occasion and you could feel the presence of the Holy Ghost so strongly.  It was an amazing sight seeing all their kids (used to be seven, now eight!) in the sealing room there to witness Shawn being sealed to Rob and Danielle for time and for all eternity
April 14 2011 Shawn Botti sealing to Rob & Danielle Fowers St. Louis Temple
We love the Fowers.  What a neat family! Thank to Tara for watching our kids for HOURS and for Jeni and Sam riding with us.  We had a great time with you!

Some pictures from the hospital Easter egg hunt...
April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Elden

April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Cal Clark

Our power went out that morning at about 4am...thus no hair dryer or curling iron to assist me in having bangs that day.
April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Shanna Ruth Haley

April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt

April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Cal

April 23 2011 GLWACH Easter Egg Hunt Cal

We went "fishing" SO many times. 
April 23 2011 Shanna Cal Haley

April 23 2011 Cal Shanna

Time for the egg hunt! They split the kids up into age groups (I think everyone does) and the 3-5 year olds had two hallways FILLED with eggs.  What a fun use of a hospital on a quiet Saturday!
April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt (3)

April 23 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Haley Lee Elden Cal Clark Shanna

Saturday night Lee and I went on a date. Lee got us frosty's and me some fries at Wendy's.  We listened to a book and went to Lowe's.  We were walking by the appliances and the other kitchen stuff.  One of the workers said something about Lee taking me out on a date that is supposed to be supposedly romantic and of course brought me to Lowe's to look at guy stuff.  It was funny because I enjoy looking around at Lowe's or any home improvement type store for that matter.  I told him that since we were together without our five kids it was a GREAT date, plus we had gotten a yummy treat too!

Sunday morning Lee snapped pictures of the girls.
April 24 2011 Shanna Haley

And Elden.
April 24 2011 Elden

April 24 2011 Shanna Haley (3)

April 24 2011 Shanna Haley (8)

Clark ready to fight the Lamanites.
April 24 2011 Clark

The lame attempt at a kid picture.  Elden was outside and when I brought him in he started screaming and crying, so thus the absence.
April 24 2011 Shanna Haley Clark Cal

That night we let the kids pig out on their candy (Saturday too...).  Cal built a Starburst tower.  Then he proceeded to eat it.  He of course got sick and threw it away.  We told him to save the rest for Monday but he didn't want too. Good job Cal.
April 24 2011 Cal Starburst tower (2)

Clark and Cal used reusable BYU shopping bags for the egg hunt and picked up many, many eggs.  Clark sure had a nice loot of candy.  Even after eating it for two days, there was still a lot left Sunday evening! 

April 24 2011 Clark (2)

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


britt said...

Ruth! I TOTALLY love going to Lowes too! I would love to win a shopping spree to Lowes (or Home Depot) and/or REI. Anyway, I think it's a great date night idea. I love all the pictures of your cute kiddos too!

Dean and Elaine said...

We always enjoy watching the "Days of Your Lives!" You have so much fun!!!