Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Picture Palace!

After a long boring two weeks for all of you--I don't know how you survived without pictures of our cute family!--here is a major treat. Sorry, Mom R--somehow our camera settings got changed to the lowest quality, so many of the pictures are quite pixelly. (sp?)

Clark and Cal, first snow fall of the season, Jan 17

Cal having fun for a little while in the snow

Clark Jan 17, he was really excited to make snowballs

Haley & Shanna the morning of the 17th

An attempt to catch a cute picture with the boys holding the girls and dad in the middle. But the camera was in the bedroom and I wasn't quick enough! Jan 17

Shanna & Haley last Sunday, Jan 13

Shanna and Haley again Jan 13

We can't get enough of them!!!

Okay, just one more

The handsome big brother with his beautiful sisters Haley & Shanna

Here they are again on Sunday the 13th

We need another one of Haley--all things must be equal, right?!

Cal's favorite place, Daddy's lap

The cutie girls again on that Sunday--we sure took a lot of pictures that day, didn't we?

Haley & Shanna on the 13th

Haley & Shanna on the 13th

Haley, Clark and Shanna

Haley, Shanna, Clark & Cal

Haley & Cal, Clark & Shanna

Haley on the 12th

Shanna on the 12th

Some train fun before bedtime, Cal, Clark, Lee Jan 13

Cal not wanting to take part of the picture fest Jan 13

Clark happy to pose after we offered the bribe of treats; Cal wouldn't think of being conned by a bribe! (You can tell because he isn't in the picture!)

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